The Wall

coffeeshop in Eindhoven
Reviews of The Wall Number of Positive Reviews 10 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 2
Positive Review Frank from Italy (living in NL) sent 30 Jul 2023
One of the best kush selections in town. Please give a try to the Strawberry - it's just fabulous! The shop is small, the employees are nice and the quality is top.
Positive Review Jesscass sent 8 Jan 2019
Closure was 6th of December, 2018 until 6th of January, 2019 so should be open again now.
Negative Review Sami from France sent 16 Dec 2018
I went to visit The Wall coffeeshop yesterday and it was closed by the authority. There is a paper explaining it and an official seal on the front door. I hope The Wall will open soon.
Neutral Review Mister E from Netherlands sent 6 Apr 2010
A nice coffeeshop but nowadays it's selling overpriced weed (8,50,- euros for 1 gram of Brabants Wit) and the next is 9,- euros for a gram of Santa Maria. Last time I went there I've got every time shit quality weed and hasj. Although the staff is always very friendly!
Positive Review Belgian Smoker sent 22 Mar 2009
I bought there Blueberry and Bubblegum @8.50eur gr. Both great smokes. As for the hash, I bought Carramello, a good all round hash. And a pre rolled Cristal Royal joint. The Cristal Royal was a sweet hash. The staff was very friendly and helpful! I got there a Highlife magazine for free :-)
Negative Review Anon. sent 18 Dec 2008
I have been to The Wall for the last 5 years and the hash was great but the last three days I have spent 30 euro on 6 Crystal Royals and got shit.
Positive Review Jerry the Gooner from UK sent 12 Nov 2008
Little bit out of the way from the main town area but definitely worth the trek. Inside was one friendly English speaking female. Bit sparse inside the shop with three or four tables, maybe ten seats and a pool table. Locals I had previously met in the Pink had recommended the Crystal Royale on sale in the Wall for 10 euros a gram or a pre-rolled Crystal Royale joint for 5 euros as the best hash in Eindhoven and it didn't let me down. I bought a pre rolled CR joint and sat on a small raised area watching a constant stream of customers. Also on the menu was White Widow Haze at 10 euros a grm. Super Silver 12 euros and most other weeds for 8-9 euros a gram. Coffee was 1 euro. I smoked the pre rolled joint and was completely f8&ked for the next three hours. Recommended.
Positive Review bigdaddyK from UK sent 11 Sep 2008
This shop is right by the red light district and had some nice haze, their preroll was only 3.50 eur, very strong. This coffeeshop has a no smoking policy so you can't smoke inside it's also very small so even if you could there would probably be nowhere to smoke! Worth popping by if you were cruising the red light district. 6/10
Positive Review Joep from Eindhoven sent 21 Dec 2006
Last time I was there, I noticed that they have a list of merchandise available (homepage on one of the internetpc's there) [see above]. Next time I'll order at home by phone ;-)
Positive Review Burki from Germany sent 13 Feb 2006
It's my favorite shop, it is very easy to reach by car, when you come from Germany. Get out of the car, buy some weed, get back and drive home-and the weed is v. good. The shop is small but v. fast.
Positive Review Tim from Eindhoven sent 16 Feb 2005
My favorite shop. It's not really a shop to hang out but just to get some weed (you should try Brabants Wit, 6,50/gram).
Positive Review Michael from France (living Eindhoven) sent 20 Mar 2004
Small coffeeshop, people not very friendly at the beginning, but I think it's the best place to buy weed in the city. They have the best weed of Eindhoven (Mexican), the best hash (Skuff), and really correct prices.
Positive Review Puncho from France sent 25 Jul 2003
It is small, you can hardly seat to roll your joint! But you can find the best weed in town (in my mind): the Mexican Haze.