De Walm

coffeeshop in Arnhem
Reviews of De Walm Number of Positive Reviews 6 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Positive Review Jesscass sent 26 Mar 2018
Small shop with about ten seats and one of the better places in Arnhem. Also small menu but mostly offering good quality either hash- or weedwise. On offer are mostly two sorts of Moroccan Hashish, one Nepalese and a mix of five older and newer strains. Always worth a look!
Positive Review AJ from UK visited Aug 11; sent 11 Jan 2012
As commented before, it does remind me of a fast food store too, but with the top notch buds prices 1 euro more than other shops but solid dense Lemon Haze, nice.
Positive Review Xochipilli from Netherlands sent 12 Sep 2010
Friendly people, good quality merchandise, but if you want to stay and enjoy your smoke you'll need to endure the strange cleaning-product smell that lingers in the shop.
Positive Review DauMan from Austria sent 23 Jul 2010
In my opinion, the best coffeeshop in Arnheim and around! It looks not very special, more like a fast food shop, but there you can buy the sweetest weed I ever tried! Can't remember the names, but I bought 3 sorts and all were very "fluffy" and perfect to roll a joint by hand! The man in there was very friendly and cool, and helped me out in any way (How tastes this one? Can I smell?).
Positive Review Billy from USA sent 14 Oct 2007
My earlier report of this shop's demise was greatly exaggerated! It's on the small side, but definitely worth checking out. I know I will be going back for the Jack Herer, this is the only place in town I have seen it on my last several visits to Arnhem. The prices seemed reasonable to me and there is a selection of drinks on offer (unlike Lucky Luke which only has drinks via a vending machine these days). The bottom line is that this is one of the shops you should plan to visit when in this neighborhood, along with Lucky Luke and De Pinguin.
Positive Review Erik from Netherlands sent 25 Aug 2006
This shop isn't closed anymore, it's a really good shop. The NLX is really good there.
Negative Review Billy from USA sent 5 Nov 2005
Closed permanently.