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The Wauw Shop

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The Wauw Shop
coffee shop The Wauw Shop, Amsterdam, Noord Holland for cannabis with address, telephone number, opening times, reviews, map, picture
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Reviews of The Wauw Shop Number of Positive Reviews 2 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Stan Da Man from Amsterdam sent 6 Nov 2008
They had the old school weed and hash for 5 euros 0.7 and 10 I don't remember. I had the White Widow, looks good but nothing I found didn't get high off it and I had 5 euros Skuff (nederhash) 0.70 to and I rolled a joint cocktail. I mixed the weed and the hash 2gether and I smoke it and nothing aarghh assholes lol :P
Positive Review Qenzen from USA visited Nov 2003; sent 18 Aug 2004
The Wauw Shop is a small neighborhood shop that had very good to excellent smokes during my visit at attractive prices. It can be reached by taking bus #22 from central station. It's not much to look at and definitely not touristy. It was all locals who where rather absorbed in a ballgame on TV and myself the tourist as customers when I stopped in. There would be no need for a review except the "Cristal" was exceptional and the Neder hash was a best buy. I'm going to rave about the Cristal as it was a class above all other buds I sampled at the best coffeeshops in Centrum. Finished to perfection with beautiful colors and wonderful fragrance. The fresh and sticky buds produced a wonderful fruity smoke that goes to your head instantly and stays with you for quite awhile. I hope there is a crop available during my next visit.
Positive Review Magic Marv from Netherlands sent 29 Apr 2004
I worked for a couple of years in the Wauw shop. It's a really neighbourhood shop. A lot of locals do visit it and also a lot of tourists because it is the first shop you will be confronted when entering Amsterdam from the west. The neighbourhood is a very multi-cultural mix and so is the audience. It is very cosy, the weed is high-quality and is a very basic but nevertheless very good coffeeshop.