Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla

coffeeshop in Haarlem
Reviews of Willie Wortel's Sinsemilla Number of Positive Reviews 14 Number of Neutral Reviews 0 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Zagan from USA sent 25 Sep 2018
Nicely situated on the second floor, the smoking room was spacious and full of light. I only bought a few edibles, as I prefer not to smoke. Each dose was separately wrapped and had 0.4g, but they were all very mild, but pleasant. No vaporizers were available for loan.
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 30 Nov 2014
Great to be back here. Very pleasant and helpful staff with a good selection of herbs and plenty of seating.
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 19 Jan 2008
This place is big. All very useful at times but a bit like being back in the Student Union. Still worth a visit as it's got everything you need, but not if you're after cosy. Sitting out in the sun is a huge bonus mind, but not in the snow.
Positive Review Stan from USA sent 8 Apr 2007
Very friendly shop all around. Bar maid was amazing - friendly, beautiful, helpful. Unfortunately, the weed museum there was recently moved to Spain. Willie's Choice was a nice, strong weed. Very fresh and well cured. Very nice place to hang out. Nice vaporizor. Great people.
Positive Review Dany from Belgium sent 31 Mar 2006
My favorite as there is a nice atmosphere and great staff. Very high standard smoke at affordable prices.
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 21 Feb 2006
Second time that I've been here. I like this shop a lot! Very big and quality smoke. The helpful seller sold me a gram of "Powerplant" for about €7 and Super Pollem for €8,50. Powerplant was strong and tasty, Super Pollem wasn't very special. You gotta visit this shop if you are in Haarlem!
Positive Review Yank from USA sent 27 Jul 2005
Sinsemilla is a definite 3 star shop for the weed, hash, and knowledge. But the day I visited; it lost two stars, one for the lousy tea in the dirty glass, and it's funny tasting coffee too.
Positive Review Alun from UK sent 11 Jul 2005
A great place to relax and listen to excellent sounds, plenty of room and a good menu although again I was disappointed that the Dutch weed was not thoroughly flushed and tasted metallic. The black hash was quite good, but not over exciting.
Positive Review Epsilon from USA sent 28 Jun 2005
Our first visit to this one. It's located a little out of the centrum across the big canal/river from the pedestrian shopping street. What a treat though. Spacious, with nice outdoor terrace decorated with Statue of Liberty and nice rose garden. Pool table, internet computers (2 Euro per half hour). Lots of comfy seating.
Positive Review Valo from England sent 17 Jun 2005
Possibly the best of the 3 Willy Wortel shops - and after my visit to the Indica I thought it would not be possible, but this place really has it all. Great terrace to sit out and enjoy the sun and a smoke, 2 large pool tables which only cost €1 a game, internet access, virtual jukebox, comfy seats all around, great decoration and lighting - and all this before I walked up to the dealers counter. I bought a gram of Shiva Ice for €23 and finally found something I could not smoke all day long (without collapsing that is!). One of the best highs I have ever got from any smoke was only topped by a very welcoming stay.
Positive Review Jon and Lori from USA visited 6-13 Mar; sent 27 Mar 2005
We heard about this place so took a trip to Haarlem one day to go. Be ready for the long walk (no trams) but its an easy and beautiful, very picturesque and worth it to see something untouched by tourism. The shop itself was very large with comfy airplane seats, pool tables, internet access and very weird bathroom stalls. We were obviously the only Americans in here (Haarlem is not a tourist section at all) and the customer service is poor (kinda rude). The weed was good, we had PowerPlant and Sage Haze. Overall an ok review. Only worth it to see Haarlem.
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 23 Jun 2004
Really big shop with a nice terrace. They have 2 pooltables, a kicker and some PC's. Menu is pretty big and the prices are ok! I bought 2 grams of "Powder Sense" which was very resinous, taste and stone was ok.
Positive Review The Edinburgensians from Scotland sent 4 Mar 2004
The Williams Medieval Madness pinball machine is now retired, replaced by a brand new Stern Lord of the Rings.
Positive Review The Edinburgensians from Scotland sent 15 Dec 2003
Now firmly established in its new first floor home, it's easy to find this barn of a just-south-of-Centrum shop if you look out for the carrots at first floor level; it literally overlooks an Irish pub (which incidentally sells meals until 2230, should you be stuck for a meal in that part of town after 2130...). Note to the super-paranoid: the shop has an always-on webcam, which principally overlooks the table football and Internet area (check their website). The meat-freezer style plastic 'door' strips halfway up the stairs can be a bit troublesome if one is temporarily clumsy for any reason (!) but no doubt prevent the reek from reaching the street. Inside, this is undoubtedly the biggest shop we visited, with four Internet computers (coin-operated, yet!), large separate dealing counter diagonally opposite the door, drinks bar that wouldn't be out of place in a club, and large selection of paraphernalia for sale. Oh, and two pool tables, a Photoplay, and a William Medieval Madness pinball in excellent condition, owned and maintained by the same chap who owns the pinball at the Empire (q.v.). And a LARGE number of tables. More commercial feel somehow compared to the smaller shops, but still seemed busy despite its size. Good place to visit if you're a crowd, or just want to melt into the background.