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Witte de With

coffeeshop in Rotterdam
Reviews of Witte de With Number of Positive Reviews 4 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 1
Negative Review Kees from Netherlands sent 9 Dec 2019
Total scam, the pre-rolled joint are just tobacco.
Positive Review Freewheelin' Franklin from UK sent 30 Nov 2014
Friendly enough but take away only.
Positive Review Rocco from Italy sent 14 Sep 2009
Really good hash at low prices, the Red Libanon was excellent and also the other ones were great; weed was also really good.
Neutral Review Smokestaxlitenin from USA visited July '08; sent 7 Jan 2009
Got some TOP 44. Never saw that before and probably never will again. Very old and stale. But their Amnesia Haze was on the money - go figure?
Positive Review Priapos from USA sent 25 Jul 2006
I had just spent a week in Amsterdam, so I was ready to try their best. At first, they sold me some Hia and some Polm. Both had almost the strength of ice hash, but a much mellower buzz and an extraordinary flavor. I bought a gram of Blueberry there, too, which was excellent. One of the guys there spoke good English, and my basic Nederlands was enough to get by with the other dude. Both were most friendly and helpful. I couldn't be happier with the shop or the products.
Positive Review Rob from England sent 17 Nov 2004
Quite difficult to spot as it's on the basement floor of one of the buildings on the Witte de Withstraat. It looks a bit dark from the outside - and so it is - but the light wooden seating and plenty of space inside do a good job of brightening the place up. There's a small selection of quality weeds and hashes. I bought a gram of Citral and two grams of Moroccan 'Super-Hia' hash which was on special offer at only €6 per g. The owner's Moroccan and clearly cares about the quality of his stock - the Citral smelled pungent, tasted like it had been cured well and was covered in crystals. The Super-Hia was a high-quality 'chewing gum' style Moroccan hash that you rarely get to see in these days of mass produced, medium grade pollens. He's also a very friendly chap but can't speak English. Luckily I can speak Dutch and so we had a nice chat about what it's like working in the cannabis trade in Holland. Then I left, with bloodshot eyes and a smile on my face.