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coffeeshop Zandvoort
Reviews of Yanks Number of Positive Reviews 13 Number of Neutral Reviews 2 Number of Negative Reviews 0
Positive Review Rafiki from Germany visited May 2019; sent 27 May 2019
The shop is old but gold. Looks like a supermarket with those things hindering you to enter the wrong door. During Christmas we got wrapped grinder, lighter and papers, which was nice. We also received a free T-Shirt since we bought a lot of hash there. The hash has the same quality as everywhere else just that if you buy during the right season you can get a solid piece of it. The weed wasn't too bad, we got some Fallen Angel which we never heard of. The weed quality did remind us of border quality. All in all it's just a shop for the mainly German tourists that spend their summers in Zandvoort, maybe that is why they have such large quantities of hash since guest apartments do have kitchens to cook and bake in. ;) Would definitely go there again if I didn't buy stuff on the road to Zandvoort.
Neutral Review Rockhound from UK sent 10 Sep 2017
I dunno, maybe it's me, didn't feel comfortable in Zandvoort. Visited mid afternoon, the remote opening glass doors were different. Once inside, main bar in front of you, to the left smokers bar, very nice. Nice Widow and Bubble Gum Kush, just felt a little uncomfortable, probably just this grumpy old man. Go, you'll probably enjoy it, prices slightly higher than Leiden, but good smoke!
Positive Review The Unknown Smoker from N. Ireland sent 6 Mar 2015
Having been smoking in the Netherlands for 20 years, I thought I had been around the coffeeshop block. However, finally visiting this place (despite having stayed nearby many times) I was amazed. The best equipped, finest smoke, nicest staff I have ever experienced. Superb venue. 10/10.
Positive Review Pé Gordo from Brazil sent 17 Mar 2009
Very nice big shop with native North American decor with 2 floors. Downstairs is the coffee shop and bar (no alcohol but you can get a pint next door) and upstairs is smoking area with plenty of tables. The budtender was a friendly young guy and didn't mind to show me all his weed and hash which was quite a lot. I bought some ice-hash which was the best so far (I travelled around Holland and before Amsterdam) 20 Euros per gram. I really liked the atmosphere and Native American decor and not to mention is 5 minutes from a sand beach and after a couple of joints is a nice place to walk but that day was windy and cold. It's a place I recommend just 20 minutes from Amsterdam.
Neutral Review Brudjävel from Sweden sent 15 Feb 2009
At this place the weed is quite expensive and my less than one-gram bag cost me 12 euros. Almost felt like being robbed. Also, you have to bring your own papers if you wanna roll up, or buy them in the machines there. The first floor is smokefree. You can borrow bongs here if you'd like that. It's a nice place to stay at, but pricey and definitely overrated. With Rihanna in the speakers, I thought: I might as well stayed at home.
Positive Review Teke from USA sent 1 Sep 2008
Found Yanks through the directory and arrived here on the closing evening of the Zandvoort season. Late night crowd was mostly locals, very friendly - music was outstanding (acid jazz to Amy Winehouse) - dartboard is top notch and well-lit - same for foos - great, free, solid wi-fi connection - herbal selections were top shelf - extremely friendly and helpful barista - after the cramped dens of Amsterdam, truly a joy to be in a place with space and few people. Other perks: video room with pleasure sofas - outdoor tables - off the main drag in a quiet neighborhood. The bar next door has the coldest tap I've found in Holland, at least three great dart boards - HD soccer - large canopied tables outside. Everything comes together to easily make this a routine destination whenever to Holland I come. Not very many women - but lots of cool dogs.
Positive Review bl0b from Germany sent 26 Jul 2007
Nice comfy shop, good service, good prices for really good product. My fav is Sticky Fingaz at 6,70euro/g. They also got good Ice-o-Later, 12 euro half a gram I think. Minimum buy is 12 euro. Toilet was clean, good menu of drinks, good Weed-Tea for 4euro!
Positive Review Chris from USA sent 5 May 2007
Great bud and hash.
Positive Review Davide from Italy sent 2 Mar 2005
I have been four times in Zandvoort during summer, and I slept always at the same hotel, the North Zea hotel (sorry for my bad Dutch). My hotel is very very near Yanks, and I have spent many morning, afternoon and evening in this coffee shop. I have, in 4 years, traveled a long among strange and odd coffee shop in Amsterdam but no one had the "charm" and "charisma" and friendship that I found in Yanks. I remember the piano with grass and hashish inside, the Indian tepee, and most of all, I loved sitting outside, in July, to see people go to sea, with sun that is so hot.
Positive Review Korrupt from Germany sent 7 Aug 2004
Very friendly staff, they got a very cool terrace with just a very small delimiter to the streets. You almost cannot miss Yanks.
Positive Review Hessenmob from Germany sent 23 Jun 2004
Very nice and big, Indian-style coffeeshop! Really friendly staff. They had about 8 weeds and 8 hashes for reasonable prices (White Widow is most expensive weed for 7€/gram. The weed I liked most was the "Silver Haze", "White Widow" was good, too. I also had some "Afgaan" which was ok. The "Bubble Ice" for 20€/gram had a nice taste, but really wasn't worth the money! Anyways a really nice and comfortable coffeeshop.
Positive Review Pablo from UK sent 11 Apr 2004
Wonderful coffee shop. Very relaxed non-heavy atmosphere. Great selection of grass at good prices - the White Widow was awesome. If you are in A'dam in the sun and have half a day to spare, pop over to Zandvoort.
Positive Review Steve from USA sent 30 Mar 2004
A 20 minute train ride from Amsterdam, a great European topless style beach nearby, and a spacious, friendly whimsically decorated coffee house - you're on a vacation aren't you? Yanks' interior is a wild, hand-painted Dutch eye view of Native American soul. I asked Tony, the proprietor, about it and he said the interior was painted by Dutch art students, partly financed with some kind of Dutch government arts grant. I'll leave it to the other folks to describe the strength of the smoke. The service was very friendly. Compared to Amsterdam, Zandvoort is an easy-going, not so crowded place (well, at least in April and May). One note: You'll see the piano with a lock on it where in the pre-legal days, the stash was kept. I told Tony "get the piano tuned! Get some musicians in here to play this thing. Great place for a live album".Ambience galore.
Positive Review Andrew from USA visited July 2003; sent 13 Dec 2003
My girlfriend and I immediately fell in love with the area surrounding Yanks. Beaches to rival any I've seen, and friendly people. Yanks itself was a wonderful place, with the best weed we smoked on our whole trip. The power plant was the tops (only even approached by the Bluebird's Sage), and the bubble hash was strong enough to garner a warning from the counter help. We highly recommend this place; even if you've never heard of Zandvoort.
Positive Review Gerry from USA sent 29 Nov 1999
I think Yanks is the best coffeeshop in the world. It's about 4 blocks from the train station and about the same distance from the beach. The building is sort of a Log Cabin construction divided into 2 parts - a coffeeshop and a cafe/dancehall. It is really large, with tented booths downstairs and several areas upstairs. One of the rooms upstairs has Thai mat beds and short rolling tables so you can recline and roll. Downstairs there is an old upright piano. When you ask for the "menu", they open the top of the piano, and there's the stuff. The staff is really laid back in a beachcomber sort of way, and it is the type of place to hangout day and night. Because they are in Zandvoort, there are not a lot of tourists, so the whole attitude is one of being a hangout for their clientele. Definitely the coolest coffeeshop I've found, and I've been to a lot!