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De Tulp

coffeeshop Zwolle
Reviews of De Tulp Number of Positive Reviews 3 Number of Neutral Reviews 1 Number of Negative Reviews 4
Negative Review Rafiki from Germany visited June 2019; sent 9 Jun 2019
Very, very small shop in every sense. Very small menu, shop looks like a former pizza shop with a high counter. Glanced, but didn't buy, at their Blue Cookie for 11 € / g. Prepacked - no scale. Walked out empty handed.
Positive Review Jesscass sent 4 Oct 2017
Relatively small place here but bright. Provides about 20 seats. Smoking room behind glass with TV set (that's always a bad point as so anti-social). Not too sure if this was all of the menu but here we go: weedwise it was White Widow (9€), Northern Lights (9€), Enemy Of The State (10€), Super Haze (11€) and hashwise it was Super Pollen (9€) and Hia (10€). Also had a bong but a plastic one, I'm good thanks. Don't remember about their wiet probably for good reason so got me a gram of that fine blondish Hia they were selling. All in all a nice enough place but wouldn't go out of my way for returning.
Positive Review lelystadselimoen from Netherlands sent 5 Aug 2017
My go-to coffee shop in Zwolle. Weed is always equal in quality to the other shops. New Balance may occasionally be better but is not as consistent as de Tulp.
Positive Review NoWhereMan from USA sent 12 Jun 2014
Good for a quick in and out. I didn't stick around long. Prices were fair and the smoke was good. Would go there for some variety over my regular place in Zwolle.
Negative Review Spliff sent 28 Jul 2007
[Zero Zero has] closed down.
Negative Review Leen from Netherlands sent 26 Mar 2005
Give me one reason to go here again, I dare you.
Negative Review Tha Rock from Zwolle sent 13 Feb 2005
I think it's for incrowds or something. Don't like it, the service is slow and not so friendly the 3 times I've been there. A good thing about the shop is that it has got comfy furniture and a soccer table, but that was all. But then again the weed I got there was bad, much work and not tasty at all! I will never go there again!
Neutral Review Eelco from Netherlands sent 26 Nov 2004
Reasonable menu, however rather expensive. The personnel are friendly but maintaining distance. Lots of regulars who think they own the place. Not great to spend time, but a good take-out. My favourite: Double-Dragon: quality and quantity!