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They also have a "Cali Weed" section on the menu now :? I don´t remember the prices but if I remember right they sell it in 3g jars...

I was here for hash as always but I was warned from another reviewer that they have become much more expensive. When he was there the "Royal" hash was sold for 20€/g :shock: and a new one Twizzla for 15€/g. While the Royal was not really better than the last times but 8€ more expensive :? and the women who worked there said something like it´s because there are some problems on the hash market atm
Furthermore the trustfull reviewer wrote that coffeeshop Casablanca sold their "top" maroc (Rif Special) for 2 € more a gram then before and its only possible to buy max. 2g of it :?: sounds a bit like probelms with the supply maybe because of Covid-19 :?:

When I was at Coffeeshop Wall their prices went up ,too but not so much as it was reported before. They had only 2 sorts of hash on the menu.

Royal (13€/g) - A bit darker creamy moroccan hash. Not the freshest batch but still ok. It´s kind of creamy but not much oily and sticky as most other hashes I got this time. It also bubbles only decent when touched by the flame which disappointed me at first... I think it´s made of foreign genetics but smokes more like a classic import hash. Tasted good and the effect was better than I thought and was strong enough for me. It´s more on the indica side and gave me a nice relaxed stoned feeling. Overall good one and different than the other hashes that I got in Eindhoven. Well it´s nothing really special but good quality and better than I thought at first.

Critical hash (11€/g) - Usually I don´t buy this especially for that high price :shock: but I was looking for some different type of hash to have some more variety :D It´s very bright blonde crumbly hash. From the look pretty good but it didn´t bubble when touched by the flame :? and so it´s pretty weak. Well maybe it´s a good light hash for the daytime but for 11€/g I expect something more. At Coffeeshop Africa in Tilburg it cost only 7,50€/g and sometimes they have it for 25€/5g and it was also better quality (it bubbled when touched by the flame) :? Overall maybe good if you looking for a very light daytime hash but for that price much overpriced and it´s not my cup of tea :roll:

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i never been there also , but everyone tells me they sold more than just pot lolz

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RvanSteensel wrote: Thu 21st Mar 2019 05:46 pm was this ran by the same people as the wall in maastricht ? xD
When I heard of Coffeeshop the Wall in Eindhoven for the first time I also thought about if they have the same owners :lol: and if I remember right I asked the staff at Coffeeshop the Wall in Eindhoven and they say that they do not belong together but that was years ago and I am not 100% sure anymore if I really asked that or I wanted to ask that :lol: :lol:

When I went to Maastricht for the first time Coffeeshop Wallstreet was closed a few weeks ago :? So I did not get a chance to visit the shop while it was open... what a pity... I heard that they had pretty good stuff and the biggest menu in town.

In that time they closed a lot of Coffeeshops in Maastricht... when I was there for the first time they had only 15 or 16 Coffeeshops left in the city a few months/years before they had over 30... As so often I was too late again :lol:

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was this ran by the same people as the wall in maastricht ? xD

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This month:

As Marok21 pointed out shop was indeed closed early of December, 2018.
After many returns throughout 2018 we came here a few times this year, too.
In comparison with my previous review above not much changed again ; renovation didn't happen yet(Why anyway? Most customers prefer their little bubble at home it seems)and quality roughly stayed the same.
As also pointed out the last time their price policy is spot on and many other shitholes out there should take note. Their Royal for ten or more euros is mostly worth it and I can see why they now sold their HiaHia for 8€ like back in the day(not for 8,5€/g as in recent years but inbetween it was sometimes 8,5€/g again 'confusingly') but this is still a lovely piece of resin I fortunately had the chance to induldge on a couple of occassions again.
Most silly name lately was their 'F-16'(10€/g) on the wiet menu though :evil: :lol: . Otherwise either Amnesia or Himalaya Haze for 13€ is on and Brilliant Haze still for 14€/g. Hashwise still Critical for 9€ I never touched yet as well as won't in the future as well as their Super Pollen still for 7.
Another confirmation too: getting more and more busy here, too.

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The Coffeeshop was closed by the authorities for a month because they had too much weed/hash in stock when they were controlled by the police. They found 2,3 kilo of "softdrugs"... as far as I know not only in the shop also in a "storehouse" in the area...

I was there last week to see what changed here...

Their hash menu was like:
Royal (10€/g)
Critical (9€/g)
Hia Hia (8,50/g)
Super Polm (7€/g)

Royal (10€/g) - 2€ cheaper than the last time I tried it. Not the freshest batch but it was ok. A darker creamy hash that needs hand warmth to get soft. From smell/taste it´s more like a "classic" import hash to me while it´s probably made of foreign genetics but it´s not like a newschool hash from Boerejongens for example... it´s like a newer oldschool hash :lol: bubbles nicely when touched by the flame. Effect is more stoned... Overall good tasty import hash and with 10€/g well priced :D

Critical (9€/g) - Originally I wanted to try their Hia Hia (8,50€/g) but they hadn´t it in stock atm. Pretty blonde oily hash. It´s made of foreign genetics not sure if it´s really made from the critical strain but you can smell the different genetics in it. Smell and taste is pretty strong from the used genetics. The effect is more on the sativa side but gave me also effects on the body. Overall for 9€/g a nice fresh piece of hash that gave me also some sativa effects for the daytime.

Overall still good hash here :D Well I also got better batches of Royal in the past but I like it... tasty moroccan hash :D

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Was here the other day, they had two hazes (Himalayan & White Whidow Haze) and two Indica (Enemy of the State *SOLD OUT* & White Russian). I got the white Russian at €10/g. Hash I looked at Royal and Critical. I went for the critical which was fluffy and smelled nice. It was €9/g. Decent Product by Eindhoven standards.

They were the only shop in Eindhoven and Tilburg I went to that didn't just sell pre-bagged stuff which is a big plus. I wasn't asked for id and staff were friendly. Would go back if in Eindhoven again. Also noted they open at 8am which seems to be earlier than a lot of places which are 10am or later.

Coffeeshop Meetpoint close by is better for chilling if in the area, thanks to Marok21 for that recommendation.

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Jesscass wrote: Wed 27th Jun 2018 10:33 pmNoticed prices seem to indeed depend on quality as it ranges from 10-13€/g which is an example a lot of coffeeshops should follow.
Jesscass wrote: Wed 27th Jun 2018 10:33 pm @Marok21

That statement of said reviewer is obviously wrong as I asked someone in the know about it and was told place is owned by the same people since ages.
Thanks for the info :D maybe that reviewer was only a hater :? . Furthermore I wasn´t sure because Eurogarden have also 2 hashes on the menu called "Crystal" and "Royal Zero Zero" which is pretty similar (from name) to the Walls hashes...

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Last twelve months / recently:

This here is consistently still providing more or less the best in Eindhoven. Though there are queues almost any time you go there now similar to The Pink ; particularly since the beginning of this year while this place turns more and more to a shithole(not that it was something else ever at one point ; as it was lacking something while providing quality gear it never was a real top shop to me contradictorily)with focus on selling instead of taking care of the interior and at one point they announced a coming renovation or shit there ages ago.
Would not be surprised they come up with a strictly buy and fly place then but we will see what happens in the end.
Stuff tends to start wietwise at 10€/g now and this is for their 'Killer Queen'(which most probably is just White Widow as they still sell WW joints, sales psychology again - oh my). Usually they do their Amnesia(12€)or Super Silver Haze(13€/g)beside one or two random strains thrown in.
Every now and then there is old Brilliant Haze(14€/g)back which ages ago used to be their 'ultimate flagship' for a few euro less ; now it even comes with the tag 'bio' and probably that's why they think it is ok to sell it for this. Not in my book even though it looks up to the standards of today's so called coffeeshop highgrade. Way too pricy for Eindhoven though. Though they get away with it as they seemingly know about their status and the lack of real competition beside The Pink as many other shops just could be so much more.

Another comeback is their HiaHia(8€/g)every now and then which, when on, is mostly a sure shot as it was in the past. Recently as the last time it tends to be hashish of mixed genetics unlike back in the day when it was classic goodness but these are signs of times and you can't have it all.
Last time I had it not long ago it was indeed a tasty 'Gerdalla'(sp)with a nice body stoned and a decent up-high, nice enough value.
Their Royal changes more often as a couple of months back it was something completely dfferent as a black not too sticky cream(10€/g then) with stony effects on the more stronger side while it mostly is a brownish pollen with relatively strong body effects and a nice enough high.
Noticed prices seem to indeed depend on quality as it ranges from 10-13€/g which is an example a lot of coffeeshops should follow.
Still they serve Super Pollen(7€)and since a while also Critical for 9€/g which I never even looked at as so sick of it, especially for such a price since other shops offer it cheaper as it is just all over the place. Don't get me wrong if I get it offered at home it is something else as still quite a solid smoke but with a choice I'm good thanks.
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That statement of said reviewer is obviously wrong as I asked someone in the know about it and was told place is owned by the same people since ages.

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@Jesscass I read somewhere that since 2014 the wall has a new owner... I think it was on google maps (reviews)... the post sounded like till 2014 best place for hash but since the owner changed not anymore... do you heard something about that?

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Drove over.parked on the street by the side.brillant bio haze was at the coubter the lady says try the royal it made from tbe i had a g at 12e.also got the camerlo at 10e.the bio was lovely nice taste.lovely high.the royal hash was so soft it was very difficult to put in a joint(keep it in the frigde)the camerlo was nice 7.5/10.i be back to this shop again nice product nice staff.

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Last week:

Entered here and immediately noticed prices have risen ; Super Polm(dark brown&looking good)is now 7€(before: 6€), Royal is now 13(before:12€), Super Silver Haze is now 13€(before: 12€)and their tea from a similar philistine vending machine as before is now 1,5€(before:1€) :evil: :lol: . They also had Enemy Of The State listed(11€/g I think).
That's it for bad news, now about the good ones: Cristal(10€)and Royal(13€)are still very nice. Former one more of a mellow body as up-high and Royal a stronger stone and nice enough high ; I agree with Marok21 here they're sort of similar to each other sometimes(indeed different qualities from the same sieving?). Super Silver looked decent but not like 13€/g :evil: :lol: .
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Last week:

After greetings dutch budtender I've never seen here before immediately told me the Super Pollen is finished(this time 6€/g, they seem to consider quality pricewise, too). Sort of telepathy as indeed checking out lower priced range of menus lately out of sheer boredom(or do consumers of Super Pollen have a certain look? :lol: ) .
So would have most probably taken a look but so be it. Later while sitting down realized he did this with others too but also noticed lots of people were asking for it.
Weedwise same stuff as last time, Amnesia and Super Silver both 12€/g. Guy also raved about the Santa Maria(9€/g)which smelt nice but sort of looked average with tiny buds. What ever, got me some Cristal(moroccan, this time 10€/g)and Royal(moroccan, 12€/g).
Cristal didn't have much smell but tasted nice; can't describe taste though. Major letdown was effects were very weak, 6€ would have been a better price tag then(but maybe could get away with being a 'sativa high par exellence keeping you active all day' these days :evil: :lol: . Not tolerance related I can tell you. ).
Royal's smell and taste was more intense. Best tasting piece of resin this trip, body stoned effects were ok enough. Bit more spicy in taste than the Cristal, hard to put.
Both pieces were foreign genetics(dutch strains) like the stuff Boerejongens/Tweede Kamer sell in Amsterdam. Soft as budder but still not too oily.
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Royal (12€/g) - different batch than the last time... darker and not so fresh. Also the smell is different probably foreign genetics (maybe from india) smokes like a real black hash... I prefer the last batch I got some months before but overall it´s still nice and probably the best hash you can get in Eindhovens Coffeeshops.

Crystal (10€/g) - Good blonde moroccan hash. Not the freshest batch but fresh enough... also different than the Crystal from Coffeeshop Meetpoint. Effect is more on the sativa side I would say. 1 or 2 € less would be a better price for that but still good moroccan hash.

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