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The place was nice to smoke and benefit from the sight before taking again the train.

It's a pity that it is closed.

However I do not regret their weeds.

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This place was crap. There weed was terrible, im glad its closed.

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The weight of the gear at Rastababy also included the wright of the bag apparently. So ay best they were competitive on price if not the quality when taking the bag into the weight as well.

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Haven't been to RastaBaby for a couple of years but I seem to remember it was decent value. I'm sure they had a deal on 5grams of White Widdow that wasn't going to blow your socks off but was a decent enough toke

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While not having been to Rastababy for a number of years, my best memory of that place was the great view that many a not as well rated CS were forgiven for due to that view.

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Colina wrote:Bushman, where was that CS? Did you mean Bushdocter?
It is/was on Oudezijds Voorburgwal , just down from FEBO & almost opposite the Old Church :mrgreen:
2/3 of the Amsterdam Cribs are along there aswell :wink:

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highlyblessed wrote:both the rastababy and the bushman have both been closed by the goverment,the owner breeched the rules,they wont be opening again
shame :(
That's sad, Rastababy was great to smoke the rest of the stuff while waiting for the coach leaving at Hotel Victoria.

Bushman, where was that CS? Did you mean Bushdocter?

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both the rastababy and the bushman have both been closed by the goverment,the owner breeched the rules,they wont be opening again
shame :(

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Whats happen to this coffeeshop, has it closed down for good does anybody know ?
And what about its sister shop in the redlight area not sure of the name but its opposite Favorite fry chicken, was closed on my last two visits (1.end july begin August - 2.October).
I really liked the vibe and music at the one in the red light area, and the White Widow & Snow White were topper top old school 10 out of 10 smokes.

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I'd rather suck a donkeydick than go in here, just judging it by the looks of the frontdoor.

Looks like a rathole :lol:

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I was just about to popped in 3 weeks ago when I saw it closed... Renovation, Hollidays ?

anyone knows more about ?

I love to chill in :mrgreen:

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This place has some good value deals for ok bud. I think White Widdow 5grams, cant remember the cost but its definitely one of the best value bags in Dam. I've seen a lot of negative stuff about Rasta Baby and I think if you take it for what it is then you get a good value smoke. Sure the weed isn't going to put you in a coma but it will get you high. Generally I've used this place to grab some stock weed for those times when you don't want to get absolutely wrecked.

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TwoCanucks wrote:Actually, the Mrs and I spent a good hour or more in here one rainy afternoon... darted in to escape the rain and had an enjoyable smoke and pops... the service was acceptable, the smoke nothing memorable. Nice atmosphere inside... I dont get the impression this is a tourist shop, even though it's located somewhat in that type of area, I get the feeling it attracts a regular local group of smokers.

if I did a write up on this place, it would be almost to the word what Canucks^2 said. Precise.

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the 3.5 gr includes the weight of plastic bag-get a scale and check for urself.its the biggest rip off

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always liked the spot and the vibe.... at night after a crawl on Haarlemmerstraat, this Coffeeshop to me is largely acceptable, as Two Canucks said I don't get the impression it is a "real" tourist shop, and they play some good ol' Dub and Reggae tunes, so Yes thumbs up for the Rastababy :P !

ps: I have bought only 1 time from them (orangebud) and it was a decent smoke