HitTheNorth » Sun 10th Mar 2019 08:21 pm

Agree. De kade is a diamond. Real friendly even though I was just b&f. Quality bud too. The s5 I had from there was prob the stand out sativa of my trip bout a year ago

smokini » Sun 10th Mar 2019 12:56 pm

I was there a year ago and bought some of their "Stinky Biker" or something like that. It was a very good smoke. What stayed in my mind particularly was that the budtender was extraordinaly friendly, despite the shop being more of a local one. We just did a B&F and the budtender really encarouged me to sit down and chill in the shop although the smoking are is not that huge and already was quite packed. That never happened to me before in a coffeeshop :D

Also their prices are among the best of the cities coffeeshops. When it comes to strains they have a pretty unique selection with strains i not see often in other shops. Theyre selling a 1 year cured haze, which is pretty nice. And they have an active instagram page where they post their strains.

They also do nice deals sometimes. During last christmas every customer got a free gram of weed with each purchase.

To me De Kade is truly a hidden gem in Amsterdam definitely worthwile the loung journey. DNA is right across the corner, so you can check them out too.

Wow, after reading my post again it sounds as if i got paid by De Kade to write this :D But it really was a nice experience and i think the shops deservers more attention.

kalima » Fri 28th Dec 2018 03:33 pm

RoMoney wrote:
Fri 28th Dec 2018 09:47 am
Holy Grail is still lovely here @ 12/g

Couldn't stay for the smoke as they were renovating the place, but looking like it will be very slick when finished.
I had some of these in UK, super lovely trippy smoke I thought ;)

RoMoney » Fri 28th Dec 2018 09:47 am

Holy Grail is still lovely here @ 12/g

Couldn't stay for the smoke as they were renovating the place, but looking like it will be very slick when finished.

RoMoney » Tue 17th Jul 2018 12:33 pm


RoMoney » Mon 16th Jul 2018 10:20 am

Was there a few times over the weekend, had the White Widow 2g €15, which I like to use for hash joints, Purple Chemdawg €14g and Holy Grail €12. Holy Grail was really nice and I love this coffeeshop in general. They were showing the world cup final and giving out free febo like snacks to customers as they have way more locals than most coffeeshops. I also like Amsterdam Zuid in general and I returned again to Beatrix Park.

The cat is keeping well btw for those interested. He generated a lot of questions on my Insta stories so I felt the need to provide an update.

FlyByNite » Thu 26th Apr 2018 05:16 am

New menu for de Kade dated April 21, 2018, Thanks Colina.




Colina » Wed 25th Apr 2018 08:48 pm

Nice shop with calm atmosphere. We were asked to buy weed but not forced as she realized we had enough from other shops and that we already bought drinks. Shop cat :roll: Nice shop for small groups. Vondelpark and Beatrix Park both not far away, the route to Beatrix Park is through one of Amsterdams upscale nieghborhoods. If you want to explore the south of Amsterdam plan a stop there.

madmaxxx » Wed 25th Apr 2018 02:09 pm

Rollex og at 13e very nice smoke.at a decent price compared to central.lovely shop with a big fun cat.very clean.they will ask you to buy weed if your staying for a hour or 2.but a g a hour between 4 aint that bad.outher than that lovey cs.with a big menu

RoMoney » Mon 23rd Apr 2018 07:37 am

Walked down here from Vondel park last week as I wanted to get some of the edibles from Golden Green Bakery but they do not have them anymore. I got the Somari (€12/g) which was good and well cured. The shop is located in a nice quite residential area with a man made lake beside it. I got there before it opened so chilled across the lake with a joint.....and no working lighter....agggggghhh....thank god I got one when they opened :)

Check out Beatrix Park if in the area and CS DNA is also close by.




Also left them a souvenir in Amsterdam Zuid


Marok21 » Wed 21st Jun 2017 12:03 am

I read many good things about their weed in the last months so I decide to check it out myself :D

It is located in the south of Amsterdam so not really near the centrum but it wasn´t hard to find for me although my mobile was broken atm and had no google maps... It´s good to reach from station "Amsterdam Zuid" or the tramstation "Olympiakade" (line 24 if I remember right)". It is a smaller neighbourhood coffeeshop in a beautiful silent area.

I was the only "tourist" in there but anyway the staff and the customers were very friendly to me :D I don´t know why but the place with the staff and so on reminds me a little bit of Coffeeshop the Stud. Also on their menu are a few things that I also saw at Studs menu... maybe they are connected...
I asked for a nice indica or better kush :mrgreen: and the friendly mid aged dealer lady showed me everything they had :shock: :thumbup:
Beachfront (Kosher x Shoreline) and the OG#18 (13€/g) were sold out atm... Kosher (16€/g), Skywalker OG (14€/g), Scotts OG and one or two more I forgot :lol: all looked and smelled really good. I went for the Skywalker OG because it has symply the best smell of the ones she showed to me.

Skywalker OG (14€/g) - Smellt pretty like OG yammmy :mrgreen: also the taste is there :thumbup: and it burned pretty good... compared to the OG Kush I got from Katsu later that day the Skywalker was a little bit harsher in the end. I mean I could smoke OG all day (or eat it :lol: )... so smooth but when you take strong and deep tokes it makes you caugh :lol: wich not have to be bad maybe it´s just that strong...

Overall a really nice friendly neighbourhood coffeeshop. The strains seems to be legit and of good quality. Maybe not top quality what I saw but also a little cheaper than in most places... by the way drinks are also pretty cheap.

ftcarer » Thu 23rd Jun 2016 07:41 pm

RvanSteensel wrote:always get good hash here , but the weed is just crack lol
stick with the hash , crack is just no good for you mate mmmmkay :wink: :mrgreen: :twisted:

RvanSteensel » Wed 22nd Jun 2016 10:39 pm

always get good hash here , but the weed is just crack lol

WhiteAnimal420 » Wed 22nd Jun 2016 04:44 pm

I have visited this shop lately , as the DNA is closed . I had Rolex OG which was very good , much stronger than Mr. K and lately had some Kosher Kush for 10 E/g , its not so good as Easy Times or Voyagers had , but if u look at the price tag , its worth it :)

GanjaGod » Mon 9th Jun 2014 05:31 pm

This was my to go shop few years back. Cool little neighbourhood shop. Always bought pollem or superpollum. Cheap and good