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Well you know what they say about nostalgia, it's not what it used to be.

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I enjoyed some practically white indica in Colorado called Peanut Butter. Sooo goood.

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Seriously -- is any shop (grower) offering the genuine article anymore?
You know, the White Widow that is actually "white" with resin??

All I can find in the past couple years is some distant mostly greenish relative of the true White Widow.
Is the original DNA lost forever?

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I don't know about the best, but the one I got from the 420 last week was sound at 9e.

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:mrgreen: :wink: :lol:

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ftcarer wrote:I could quite fancy a nice bit of white widow :mrgreen: anyone know when CS Subjective opens :?: :wink: :?:

Been open for a while mate , and there's always a bowl of Widow waiting for you :wink: :mrgreen: :lol:


Back in 2002 I had a lovely bit from "free Adam" it really was the real deal!! Hope is helps :mrgreen: :lol: :lol:

On a real note the black widow in Katsu was the shit, but I hear its not so good anymore.

Maybe we should start a thread for it?? :mrgreen: :roll:

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I could quite fancy a nice bit of white widow :mrgreen: anyone know when CS Subjective opens :?: :wink: :?:

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Lol :mrgreen:

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FFS it's all subjective !!!!!!!!

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Coffeeshop The Stud sells proper White Widow.
I got the recommendation when I was at the Visa Buro where I met some
guy who was going back to live in India.
3.2 grams for 20 euro's and you get free tips and papers with that.
Always a good smell, and they throw three baggies in front of you, so
you can pick the best bag.

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The ww I got from Siberie last year was superb and was one of the stand out smokes of the trip, but it was quite pricey at 50euros for 5g. I also had some Jack Herra from Stix aka solo that was incredible as well. I really like the old school strains and if grown properly can be incredible, but the same goes for all weed in the Dam, look at it and smell it which should vastly increase your chances of getting a good smoke.

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I have to say, Green Place's WW was top drawer last week and you get a good deal on 5g's (it was also the best looking/tasting of the 4 "deal" strains)


Id confirm what others say: the quailty of the old school named weeds vary hugely. Perhaps some shops see the opportunity to shift some very average/poor weed to tourists who only know the famous old names...

A few years ago i had a real nostalgic feeling and fancied an old skool strain based trip to the dam. I bought my original favourite AK47 from the green place and it was so poor that i immediatly ditched that idea and stuck with new and fresh.

Theres obviously some good examples about, just shop sensibly. Look, smell and ask about the batch... any shop that doesnt like you doing that isnt worth buying from anyway.

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blackwidow is the original whitewidow .

mr nice had to rename it