RoMoney » Mon 18th Feb 2019 10:00 am

Love reviews for more obscure places, job well done!

DeLekkersteNUGS16 » Mon 18th Feb 2019 09:23 am

Stopped by yesterday on my brief tour of Zuid-Holland. Located very centrally just off the Grote-Markt (main square). It's one of the ubiquitous places, whose mission I swear is to make coffeeshops just needlessly seem like the sketchiest places ever.

In the entry foyer are two counter-windows (bullet-proof glass type with the buzz PA-speaker thingy) and a door leading to the hangout/smoking area(s).

Came to just take a glance - was not set on buying anything - and primarily roll up a joint in peace to later stink up the canals of Delft on a windy walk. Seeing the setup, I already knew I wouldn't be granted access further without purchasing some cannabis. As I walked up to the window, I thought to myself "how the fuck am I gonna be able to smell the product though?!", I asked the BT in Dutch which he just ignored and asked me what strains I wanted to "see"? I asked him to show me "Dr. Haze" (12 EUR per g) and Tangie-Kush (14 EUR per g, I believe). As I couldn't smell the Tangie-Kush, I wasn't about to drop any sum of money on it (seriously Bamboo Beach and all other Dutch CS's that do this window thing, a massive fuck yourself with a cactus from the bottom of my heart), I could see that the haze looked decent enough for what it was, nice fat calyxes, etc. so I told him to bag me a tenner and was buzzed into the smoking area - ok, I actually wasn't buzzed in it was a sliding-door, but I don't think they would've let me in if I tried to go first without buying weed.

There is a larger main area with a bar and a pool table, where you can just hangout and skin up but no smoking allowed (I think). Then in the back of that area, there's another sectioned off area with a few pool tables, actual tables for smoking. I went to the back and gave a test to the new purchase in the Sticky Brick Jr. I didn't burn it, so cannot comment on flush - but it certainly managed to tick off all the other boxes decently enough, potent, flavorful, good consistency, nice buds, etc. Not a bad at all for the price. Thereafter I twisted up a fatty of some remaining Yo-Yo outdoor, some Koolato, some Nouga from Kruidentuin (gifted by Mr. TAC) and some of the notorious Nepal-Pollen, and made my way outside to leave ganja stench in my wake all about the Delft centrum.

Oh and music was obnoxious and a bit needlessly loud as Google reviews noted.

All-in-all if you're in Delft and fancy some coffeeshopping not a bad option and probably worth a visit - just remember to manage your expectations.

Edit: Delft is a nice little cozy town. It truly encapsulates the Dutch term "gezelligheid" more than any of their other quintessentially Dutch towns. Whereas Amsterdam's impressiveness that sets it's typical canal-house architecture apart from other Dutch cities is the size (most Mokum canal-houses are at least 3 stories high), Delft is the opposite - everything feels scaled down a bit, like a 75% to life-size scaling - the canal-houses are tiny and quaint, the canals are certainly narrower even than in Leiden or Haarlem. It is somewhat popular with tourist but doesn't feel overly touristy at all. It feels mostly local and rather quiet for that matter, which is very peaceful and calming. There's a few lively and gezellig bars/cafes that stand out when you pass by. Finally the factor giving it the most charm, is it's the least commercialized, i.e. they must have had the most stringent zoning ordinances because there's no disgustingly misappropriated slew of of the usual suspects (H&M, AH, Kruidvat, Etos, etc.) awkwardly embedded into the quaint architecture and that really goes a long a way in keeping the city's character in tact.

Second Edit: that Dr. Haze is extremely potent.

archambaut » Thu 8th Sep 2011 11:25 pm

This is the first CS I ever visited.
Good atmosphere in there, and loads of room to sit down.
Had a bit of a sugar crisis (though not quite a whitey), the
budtender chucked a free bottle of HighAA at me which
fixed me up good and proper.

Haven't been back since :oops:

I remember the dance you had to do with the turnstile to get
out too

deplana » Thu 8th Sep 2011 09:07 pm

I enjoyed my time there, that's it.

Nice talks with the owner and some locals, nice hash and then I like playing pinball when I am stoned...ehhehehe.

Most of the shops in Delft are buy and fly. So that gave more points to De Vlouw.

geekymonkey » Thu 8th Sep 2011 07:10 pm

Thanks! You make this place sound really appealing. :D

deplana » Thu 8th Sep 2011 05:20 pm

ACD Page: Bamboo Beach Club / de Vlouw

De Vlouw is my favorite coffeeshop in Delft.

This place has almost 30 years of history and you can really feel it as soon as you get in (don't be scared by the gate, just hit the button on the right....). In particular I like the wooden floor and the bar. There is also a really comfy smoking room but the owner is cool about smoking at the bar too.

Weed and Hash are both top quality and cheaper than in Amsterdam. As weed I just tried their Amnesia Haze: perfect sample. I have played around more with the hash menu (nothing above 7eur x g!!!): I got Super Lebanon, Nepalese, Polm Gold and Superpollen. The Nepalese is really clean and tasty: funny the fact that it comes in a little plastic box instead of the classic zipbag. Between the Moroccan hash I particularly like the Polm Gold: tastes like honey and it is supposed to be not that strong.....welll....try to overload a joint with it and you will bust this myth.

The pool, the pinball machines and table games guarantee some extra fun. Most of the people here are locals or students. Ah, when you get out you have to do another little trick at the gate or it doesn't open. Won't explain you the trick, you will be too stoned anyway to remind about it.

I strongly suggest a visit to Delft if you plan to stay in Amsterdam. One hour train trip or less worths the beautiful atmosphere of the old center. Plus, you can visit the locals coffeeshop and avoid the Amsterdam crowd.

Will post other reviews about cs in Delft.