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KeyMonCha wrote: Mon 3rd Feb 2020 11:09 am You guys just don't know quality when you see it... It blatantly says 'finest'!
:lol: What a joke these prices are, Jamaican 11 euro a gram are they having a laugh. You also got to purchase 2 gram so it's even worse and for something that is most probably just a standard smoke. The Cali prices on the menu are a major rip off 40euro for a g, :D now is that what they call Dutch Cali :lol: :mrgreen:

The spelling of Hybrid on the menu is spelt Hybride and even if your bride was smoking the Hybride chances are she isn't going to be high just pisssed off and just that spelling mistake would have me worried about their so called Hybrid strains :lol: :lol: and the care that is taken with their wares, as I say first impressions really do count. I know it doesn't matter that there is a spelling mistake on the menu but I saw it so I'm saying it :lol:

Specials - Deep sense Dabs 120 euro a Gram that's some exspensive dabs right there :shock: do I get a free gram of flower with that? this would have to put me on my arse and chance are it is not going to do that. I can not believe people are paying these types of prices :shock:

I will be avoiding this shop on future visits to Dam(only been in once before) they need to sort their pricing out drastically, but more and more shops seem to be trying to get a high or higher price for standard or even sub standard product and their so called Cali nowadays and it is a crying :cry: shame

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You guys just don't know quality when you see it... It blatantly says 'finest'!

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11 euro a gram for Jamaican if u buy 2 grams :lol: :lol: :lol:

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OMG. Even putting aside the exploitatively ridiculous Cali prices, they seriously want €18.5/g for superskunk? Wowzers that's just insane.

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Menu Update (27 Jan 2020)


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Went once several months ago at 12:30am, as Club Media had closed and was just a buy and fly. Prices seemed pretty standard for Amsterdam, maybe a little higher than what you're used to in De Pijp - can't really comment fairly tbh this was a while ago and I wasn''t paying much attention.

Friendly budtender, just bought 1g of a hash I can't remember - no complaints. Friend brought a preroll but wasn't pure so I didn't have any. Looked like big sofas, a fair bit of space.. big tv with bbc news on inside

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billyriz wrote:id never heard of it to be honest until you asked
To be honest, me too, I just saw their menu on a website "coffeeshopmenu" !

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id never heard of it to be honest until you asked

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Nobody went there ?
Pricey ? Really, prices looks the same as other CS... But if you have a good deal tell me more !

Go on Coffeeshop Menu

I don't know the quality of the Thai and Jamaica, but they sell it for 3 euros :shock:
Before it was 6 euros, what happened ????

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Looks pricey, but what isn't? I'll do stop by next month.

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