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New menu for Mazzelaar dated November 2, 2022. Thanks to Christo. ... elaar.html




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First time I went here...

I had a look on some of their hashes. The female budtender showed me their "Critical" (10€/g), "Casablanca" (10€/g) and "Oldschool Maroc" (10€/g).
They sell the hashes prebagged in small containers of 1g each and all looked pretty nice (but also quite similar) in the container but without smelling it´s still very hard tofind the good stuff :? I tried the "Oldschool Maroc".

Oldschool Marok (10€/g) - Not really oldschool to me but looks like a nice pretty fresh piece of hash with a good oil content. It´s a bit darker brown
( but more on the brighter side :lol: ) and bubbles good when touched by the flame. It smells pretty natural of the used genetics.
It´s also strong enough with effects on the body and on the head.

Overall I liked it. Well nothing really outstanding usually but I was happy to find that good quality hash for a stil acceptable price. On the other hand who knows if it really comes from morocco :roll:

By the way they also have two hashes from Ex.tractor on their menu, too. Temple Balls and Fresh Frozen Ice if I remember right. Furthermore they advertised Stroopwaffles from Mila but I am not sure if they really sell it thereselfs.

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Really quirky shop, proper old school coffeeshop vibe and decor........they've a few glass cases inside the door selling vapes and they've a vape that you can use that looks like a V Tower but seems to be a cheaper version. Weed is prepacked which I hate, but quality was surprising. Had some Double Tangie Banana and Kosher Kush, both were 13/g if I recall and both decent.

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:mrgreen: bought galtic jack 12e.lovely strong tasty smoke.noticed the sky walker 5 for 35e and casablanca at cs

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Thanks so much to you and S.K for this menu.

We rushed there with my best half today, got 5g of Blue Bubble and Skywalker Kush, I have to say that this is probably one of the best quality/price CS. I've never found a lot of those strains at a cheaper price and the quality was there, at least for today's batch.

The Blue bubble smells a lot and tastes like you would imagine it. The Skywalker Kush is very strong and the taste is awesome but a bit lighter than the Blue Bubble, still an amazing found at 50€/5g. I think it's like 15-16€/g at least on most CS in A'dam.

Very excited about this one, I'll probably come back there, the price are too good.

Also worth to say that the smoking room is quite nice, despite being small, there is a small fountain with a lot of funny decorations :)


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New menu for a new shop to us, de Mazzelarr in den Haag dates February 9, 2018. Kudos to S.K. ... aar.html



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don't go here often but they sell very cheap water bongs, less than ten euro.

weed selection appears to be less variety than the dizzy duck.

the pre rolled doobs these guys sell are larger than those from the dizzy duck and therefore do not fit in those little joint holder things you can get at some coffeeshops.

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Next time I'm in town and pass it I'll take a look again but I won't go out of my way for to return to this place(pun intended).

Anyway, thanks for the review, Mr(s).Owner :lol:

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thanks i be over in 2 weeks,keep the hague reports coming and try the dizzy duck

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ACD Page: De Mazzelaar

I've been to the Mazzelaar today.

And damn what a place! :D

Good weed, friendly people and a great interieur!
I tried the Strawberry Kush today but will be back tomorrow! 8)

Really a place to see.

check it out: