FlyByNite » Thu 20th Jun 2019 03:47 am

New menu for T' Grasje in Utrecht dated June 18, 2019. Thanks to Jackson. ... recht.html



Jesscass » Sun 10th Jun 2018 01:28 pm

Last week:

As we met a private contact in town for very nice Moroccan it was handy to take a look here as have been to other places in town before but never made it to said place.
Menu and two strains, also hashish, of their best offers shown were boring and we only came for the edibles anyway but you never know what to expect. Unfortunately at 4PM they were already gone but was recommended their Space Bonbon(10€/piece). Staff told us they contain 2g wiet each and are suitable for three to four persons ; supposedly very uplifting effect. Space cakes they do on their own(5€)would be for about 2.

Then alarm bells ringing in my head as did my internal bullshit detector, too(works for internal as external thoughts by the way).
Real letdown was there were only three left for a mate and myself so I started to worry about the usual ritual of our return journey and I'm so sick of that taste of this plant after all those years to tjhe point of almost throwing up when swallowing that crap as my body seemingly wants to get rid off such stuff(hint?)so spiced up yogurts are better to avoid. We took what's left and were looking
at nearby Pleasure, The Freak and Wietstock for other edibles without success. Time was running so sadly no other options. However, since other mate is not too keen on edibles and myself being a (self-)rightous god too we decided for one for him and two for me as would have tried three).

When we bought that stuff I already was sceptical about they are strong enough as I too often heard such shit and for some reasons coffeeshops seem to not want them too strong anyway ; also very recently had a similar story at the Pink in Eindhoven with such edibles not coming from the shop itsself(I know from the past that not every coffeeshops made them theirselves) but from other so called professionals with fancy packages but weak product.

So since for testing purposes on that day regarding said hashish I only smoked that and for the record days during holiday before merely 4-5 g mostly moroccan hashish per day(mostly high grade but also mid grades) which is still a joke so if those thingies really contain 2g of even the most average weed this should be at least particularly noticealbe effectwise
So I was at least sobered up relatively when I indulged on that stuff.
Taste was nice enough and I only tasted subtile traces of disgusting plant taste so this is a good feature at least and others without aversion or doing it rarely should taste nothing.
Not a good feature was they were not working at all – after thirty minutes I didn't feel effects coming up and in my case this means something as I did it a thousand times before.
Still after three hours they were sorta 1,5/10 effectwise. Quite a letdown and spoilt journey home a bit. Other mate smoked up before so his opinion isn't saying something at all but he agreed they were quite weak what ever that means then.
Next day I spent sober as last day off and felt a bit of a stronger afterglow/hangover than usual but that try was quite a joke all in all. Could be that they work out, if probably on the weaker side, if a person very rarely consumes this drug.

So long story short: be careful with products from . Either very shitty batch, plain rip-off or incompetence involved big time. Would I have known about this site before which is damn hippish in a very bad way and their shown analysis I would not have gone for it. Fuck those bastards!
Last but not least, Grasje seemed a relaxed place and don't blame them at all even though they sell that shit. Had a laugh when noticing Amnesia cheaper than their Power Plant – times they are changing. Should I return here I would like to try their own space cakes and if they fail they will be crossed off the list then.

DeLekkersteNUGS16 » Sat 10th Sep 2016 07:57 am

OG Kush 12 euro per gram. Nice cure, a bit dry. Radiant green nugs, could use with a better trim-job. Nose is wowza, sweet pungent and straight OG/Diesel GAS. Smells like a really lush Diesel-OG hybrid. Effect is solid, flush is indicated by mostly white-ish ash, and given the funk on this one, at 12 a gram it's a pretty honest price. Rolled up a nice doob, for my second HIGHyaking excursion in Utrecht, as well as two of their infamous space cakes to maintain a plateau of crispiness (5 euro per piece)...

RvanSteensel » Wed 25th Nov 2015 07:30 pm

ohh yeah lol forgot about that one
was best import hash ive ever smoked i think

DeLekkersteNUGS16 » Wed 25th Nov 2015 10:33 am

I believe you were raving about some strain called "Katmandu" that you had picked up from 't Grasje; if I recall correctly. I went about a month ago, and picked up a tientje of some Great White, which ended up being much nicer than expected, based on how it initially smelled. Had a bit of the commercial nederwiet smell (again what I always use the white widow and intensvie care from 1e Hulp as an example of, despite their great value cost, nothing against said nugs), but upon grinding a very sweet, rich fruity aroma, nice smoke, well flushed. I think it was .9 for 10 euros.

RvanSteensel » Tue 24th Nov 2015 05:01 pm

went here in august
asked for 3bags of diffrent weeds
supersilverhaze was his first choice , outdoor and indoor .
settled for the outdoor which was good at 6.50 a gram i believe
also gave me 2 strains cant remember which but was some rare strain
and were both good

Papi » Wed 22nd Jul 2015 12:30 pm

They are usually on the tables(at least one of them):)

DeLekkersteNUGS16 » Fri 17th Jul 2015 07:32 pm


I almost forget that I also picked up a tenner of Triple-Zero Marok ("000"). Very tasty and potent stuff, arguably some of the best Moroccan hasj I've tried, however at 17.50 a gram it's more worth trying a tenner, than picking up regularly; a sort of rare import treat.

Also I did see that there was at least one verdamper, I believe they do hold them behind the counter and you have to request it.

Not_the_monk » Fri 17th Jul 2015 06:50 pm

At a guess because he posted in the travelogues section, you posted in the coffeeshop review one which is specifically and obviously formatted as one shop = one thread?

DeLekkersteNUGS16 » Fri 17th Jul 2015 06:25 am

Why the fuck did my thread get split?! Marok21 basically posted the same thing about Nijmen, and his didn't get split, fux dat?!

DeLekkersteNUGS16 » Thu 16th Jul 2015 01:23 am

Had to make a detour down to Utrecht yesterday. Checked out t'grasje and hi/lo

Next stop, t'grasje, which I was informed served up some legendary space cakes. When I finally arrived at t'grasje, I was presently surprised by what I found. A small hole the wall locale that had a very under the table vibe to it, think Barcelona associations or Amsterdam squat bars. I asked for a cake but was told they were being baked and I'd have to wait around til 17:00, fair enough. So I order up a tenner of "Girl Scout Cookies" for 10 a gram. The GSC, which in actuality was def some Casey Jones or Sour Deez, was a nice uplifting energetic smoke, which tasted as delicious as it smelled in a pure J, recommended. Also, got some Afghan Mazari Sharif for 6 a gram, properly squidgy and a flavorful smoke, with a potent but not overwhelming narcotic stone. Nothing super special, but a fair enough priced smoke all things considered.

After hours of toking the cakes were finally ready. They were lemon pound cake slices, which apart from their inebriant effects were delicious. I ordered 3, 2 for me, 1 to take home to the old lady. Now let me preface this by saying I smoke an ungodly amount and as such possess a through the roof tolerance to ganja. Nonetheless some reviews warned that these cakes were particularly potent and that even for more experienced'heads, a half slice could be sufficient. Needless to say I ate the first piece, an hour and half later while certainly stoned as fuck, I felt I could go for more and downed the second slice down the hatch.

Mistake! I don't know if it was placebo or the 1st slice coming to full fruition, but 15 minutes later reality was becoming increasingly distant, the second cake hadn't. Even come close to full swing yet. Long story shit, I managed to keep my cool given my extensive herb experience, but I was certainly at a level of high for some 6 hours that would send anyone who doesn't smoke like me into the grips of a panic attack. Somehow I got off at the right stop on my train, and was able to bike home in one piece but geeeeez was I fucking zonked on these space cakes.

The cakes only cost 4€ per slice btw, and are lightyears ahead of the notorious Paradox cakes which I had ironically enough sampled for the first time, the day prior (and thus had a fresh point of reference for comparison).

Moral of the story (tl; dr): if you're in Utrecht and fancy a smoke check out t'grasje, especially the spacecakes (arguably the best edibles I've ever had, on par with my TKO ice-o-lator firecracker recipe, like seriously within the top 10 highest times I've ever been in my 11 years of weed smoking, which is saying ALOT. Avoid hi/lo, it's shit!

Lemming » Fri 8th May 2015 07:38 pm


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Pierre von Mondragon » Mon 13th Oct 2014 03:08 pm

Stopped off here last Wednesday, the (presumably) owner dude was very nice and helpful, there was one verdamper, and the vibe was very positive, full of locals, all mellow. I got some Lemon Royal, which was v flavoursome, and a bag of outdoor Silver Haze, very good value should have got more. Also Triple Zero/000 which was strong as fuck, and some Masari which was pungently cheap and efficacious black hash.
Here are the Menus, which are fine to post FBN


There is a board not seen that has specials on it, but the only photo I have is blurry

Great shop, selection, and all the shit was the business, strongly recommend.

madmaxxx » Tue 16th Sep 2014 04:25 pm

yep there jedi was the smoke of the trip,i be back for sure,thanks for telling me about the 1pm start.but this looks like the qaulity shop of utrecht