Comus » Wed 21st Aug 2019 09:49 pm

so i popped into this place and scored a 5 bag of Spolm for 30 nicker ..... it's good corn too .... stayed for a coffee and blaze ... recommended

FlyByNite » Tue 30th Jan 2018 04:17 am

New menu from a new shop to us De Brug in Alkmaar dated January 29, 2018. Thanks to Q. ... eBrug.html



Spaldwickapeface » Tue 23rd Jun 2015 06:23 pm

Very tasty, very sweet :-) didn't find any bullshit in Alkmaar, just got good product at great prices

kingbee » Tue 23rd Jun 2015 03:15 pm


Spaldwickapeface » Tue 23rd Jun 2015 12:16 pm

ACD Page: De Brug

I was in this Coffeeshop last week, it's located on the northern edge of Alkmaar centrum. When you walk in there is a bud counter in front of you and the door to the bar is on your right, you have to be buzzed through once you have bought your purchase.

I had a look at the menus about six weed options and maybe four of hash. I went with one of the more expensive weeds Lemon haze as I fancied a bit of Sativa that evening. You buy in either €6 or €12, I got about 1.4g for my €12 which I was more than happy with given that Amsterdam prices you would be luck to get 1g for this. I was given a hand full of papers and roach always a nice touch, I ordered a cup of tea and was allowed into the coffeeshop itself.

There is a long bar wooden bar running down the left hand side of the Coffeeshop which had several people sat around chatting and smoking, then up a few stairs there is a sealed off tobacco smoking room, like we are seeing more and more of, this is where I chose to sit along with a couple of other guys who were talking amongst themselves.

I sat down and rolled a fatty of the Lemon haze, it looked and smelt like very nice gear and had the hints of lemon running through the aroma. When smoked it tasted good and the high had kicked in by the time I was half way through my joint and it was very nice indeed, a good purchase indeed.

I sat in the Coffeeshop for ten minutes or so and enjoyed the atmosphere before I left to let my body and mind enjoy the high by floating around the busy town centre. A very nice place and certainly value for money. A top shop in a lovely town :-)