Nootram » Fri 29th Jun 2018 04:07 pm

ACD Page: Anna, Purmerend

Hey guys!

Took me some months but I figured I could make a topic about the second coffeeshop in my city. It's probably because his biggest pro is being very close to my flat.

This coffeeshop is buy & fly so you can't smoke there. It is a shame because it's a lovely and very small shop but with a lot of character. The staff is really friendly as well.

When the elephant is out, it means that the shop is open…

I asked a few times if I could take a photo of the menukaart but the boss does not want that.

I would not advice trying the weed there for 2 reasons: it's too expensive and the quality is really low/random. It's the kind of CS where you have to pick the right bag, some are obviously missing a lot (Like 0.8gr instead of 1.10gr). They have some very good things on very rare occasion (AMG at 12€/gr, Super Silver Haze at 11.50€/gr) but most of the time you can expect something with a light effect and low taste.

I do like to buy hash there from times to time. It's good overall (not outstanding) but a bit expensive as they don't have any deals, only 10€ bags (like in Spliff 2).

Nepal Cream (9€/gr) and Gardella Hash (8€/gr).

Gardella Hash again

I'm not really into Nepal Cream/Temple Balls and this one didn't really feel special to me to be honest - one my rare disappointment in hash there. However the Gardella is good, strong and smooth.

Their Polm's Delight (10€ = 2.5gr) is very good for its price with a strong floral flavour. Crumbles a lot when you try to roll it and the smoke is quite light and very tasteful. I like to buy it from times to times and it does great with weed!

So yeah, this is a very mixed review, which is maybe not what most of you are looking for but I figured it could be of interested to some!