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Gelato cannabis strain is a cross between a Blueberry and a White OG Kush. I have also grown Gelato. It has a tight, firm bud structure with lots of thick resin. The buds on this strain are a solid, deep forest green color, with many orange pistils sticking out, which gives it a very nice appearance. It's a very intense strain. Your weed will stink up your whole house! The buds have a sweet, berry taste, with an orange citrus aftertaste. I ranked this bud very high for taste and aroma.

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Gelato#41 barney's €18 a g... Very nice flavour great bag appeal, smells great. One of the best Smokes of the trip and the last gram bought before going for train 😁

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Tokeing tom wrote: Mon 20th Dec 2021 09:19 pm GELATO #41 [from Barney's]
Nice weed dank flavour reminded me of guava from mr k but not as nice and more expensive so guava wins for me
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