codejd » Tue 30th Apr 2019 06:14 pm

Karel’s Haze was crazy good but ran out, replaced by Hawaiian Snow - a personal favorite which did not disappoint.

Super Lemon Haze was excellent.

Amnesia Haze & Super Silver Haze were okay.

Jesscass » Tue 8th Jan 2019 06:39 am

December, 2018:

Nothing new here as well compared to few weeks back but this time budtender recommended something from their lower priced range which they offer since some time now which was their blonde Amnesia from Morocco which looked quite reasonable for 7€/g.

KrazeUK » Sun 18th Nov 2018 10:08 pm

Always swing by here when I’m with the my significant other. She loves the food and I can sit there for hours.

Jack Herrer at €12g which is expensive, but most places selling it for the €8-€10 mark have always let me down in the past. It is a nice daytime smoke but was the best of an average bunch in terms of strains.

Also picked up some Gelato Cream hash for (€7.50g?) which was a great price. Really crumbly almost like dry sift? Reminded me a bit of the Nederhash (or Grey Crystal?) from Grey Area a few years ago. It wasn’t as strong as Grey Crystal but tastes really good for the price. I ended up getting 2 grams of this.

Marok21 » Wed 3rd Oct 2018 01:15 pm

Gorilla Glue hash (16€/g) - It was advertised as a "Greenhouse exklusiv" hash. Very dark super sticky hash... in the sunlight you can see the crystals bling bling all over it and indeed it wasn´t like any other Gorilla Glue hash I saw in other coffeeshops... while many newschool hashes now are more crumbly this one is again more like super sticky cream. I am not the biggest fan of this kind of hashes but that one smelled really nice like the used strain. Also the smell transfered much better to the taste than many other hashes of that type... it gaves a nice stoned/high but isn´t as strong as you think when seeing such super sticky hashes. So 16€/g is a bit high for that but on the other hand it is a dark sticky newschool hash that rarely has a nice taste/smell to me and was nice to smoke.

WLow » Mon 24th Sep 2018 06:22 am

Its not about this, your fingernails must be dirty too :lol:
she would print a greenhouse menu on her back like you!

monster420 » Mon 24th Sep 2018 05:54 am


WLow » Mon 24th Sep 2018 03:09 am

idiot caligirl is a session girl she will support this shop, social media :mrgreen:

support her :lol:

Marok21 » Sun 23rd Sep 2018 10:44 pm

Marok21 wrote:
Sun 16th Sep 2018 07:52 pm
The Celato hash looks very bright blonde... pretty crumbly dry made hash not so creamy but with a nice pleasant smell... kind of lemony sweet but with kushy notes From smell very nice so I went for it. It also bubbles nicely when touched by the flame... didn´t smoked it yet.. I will report more.
Smoked some of that now and I am pretty happy with it. Good taste on that one... maybe not perfect smell/taste transfer but pretty good. Like said before it´s crumbly blond hash but after examine the hash a bit more I noticed the good oil content and well the effect was also stronger than I thought at first especially for a cheaper priced hash. Effect is more uplifting for me... from look and consistency it reminds me of a batch of SSH Block from Boere which was also a favorite of mine for a more uplifting hash.

Again a nice hash for the price :D it seems like that the hash quality of the "cheap" newschool hashes gets better and better...

Marok21 » Sun 16th Sep 2018 07:52 pm

I went here because I saw on a menu that they have a few new hashes on the menu...

I asked the dealer if I could take a look on their Celato Cream (8,50€/g) and White Rhino Cream (9,50€/g).

The White Rhino hash looks a little darker brown and creamy but had no real noticeable smell (or only very light)...

The Celato hash looks very bright blonde... pretty crumbly dry made hash not so creamy but with a nice pleasant smell... kind of lemony sweet but with kushy notes :D From smell very nice so I went for it. It also bubbles nicely when touched by the flame... didn´t smoked it yet.. I will report more.

Furthermore I asked if I could take a look on their Gorilla Glue hash ("Greenhouse special" 14€/g) but it wasn´t in stock atm

Nice to see that they have some "cheaper" options in hash now (well not in weed :lol: )

Kenshiro » Mon 10th Sep 2018 09:36 pm

Visited all locations recently.

Both Haarlemmerstraat and RLD outlets are more expensive than Namaste and Tolstraat stores.
Jack Herer in the first two shops = €12/g
In the other two shops = €10/g 🤔

No Hawaiian Snow at any of the shops this time round but they were happily charging €18 for some OG in its place.
NY Diesel looked and smelled as good as ever, I chanced the Exodus Cheese and sadly there wasn't any cheese about it, just plain old Super Skunk...not even a proper Skunk #1 that you could argue was "the wrong pheno".

Still as bad as ever here. No Arjans Haze, no catalogue strains at all.

Kermit » Tue 8th May 2018 08:23 pm

Had trouble getting the cup winning cheese seeds here and was informed they actually carry Big Buddahs Cheese and not there own on the menu which is why it's cupwining, Still confused myself but I think a post above hit the nail on the head.

Papi » Sun 6th May 2018 05:26 pm

22e/g for weed at greenhouse? Jesus fucking christ, i hope you got to cum in their mouth after a good bj

Juice » Sun 6th May 2018 04:25 pm

So expensive!

WLow » Thu 26th Apr 2018 01:17 am

thanks for the review kenshiro,

it seems ajan has other projects more lucrative then the shops in the dam, his brother is doing all the work
it's nice to see that the Hawaii Snow got to the shelf during 420 its a great plant.

Kenshiro » Wed 25th Apr 2018 12:57 am

Oh GH how you continue to slip into the abyss..
Still no sign of any of the Arjans Hazes????
Jack Herer @€12?
The only thing that stood out in the Haarlemmerstraat shop was Hawaiian Snow and to be honest all their strains should smell as good as that and be finished to a similar standard but to ask €18 is a no no....
They have a Strainhunters seedbank strain on the menu "Violet Malawi" description mentions something landrace Kush X Malawi - Bud was huge, purple and looked solid but the tub smelled of Haze and nothing else! @€22 I expect an extremely happy ending along with something that isn't Haze regardless of what landrace genetics they pillaged from far away lands.

Namaste shop had some decent smelling L.A Confidential but everything else was dead.

Saw and smelled tubs of SLH in both the above shops- very worryingly neither were Greenhouse SLH!?!?! I've grown it and it sure as hell doesn't smell or look like that!
Very leafy in fact no bud structure whatsoever just a leafy branch.

Can understand losing mother plants etc. along the way but how on earth do you not have any of your own catalogue main strains showcased in your shops to buy??? Something is up or they are just massively taking the piss IMO.

I get its a very commercial tourist chain but come on it's continued to go down hill year on year..surely it cant continue to be successful?