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Thanks mate.

The price at Betty Too looks great. Will update once I've tried it.

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Tried it from central and betty 2 and betty 2s was the better one but centrals was good aswell

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You heard right central has great ssh ,when it's in stock.You must go at opening time 7am,if there out of ssh go with the amnesia some of the best weed I smoked last 420 .good luck on your hunt :D

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Hey all,
Glad to see the forum is back up and running!

Just wanted to know where the best value/quality Super Silver Haze is? I've been to Amsterdam 8 times in the past 4 years, and used to get it from Tweede Kamer. It's always lovely, dry, dense buds and quality wise it's always 10/10.

I'm looking to get the best 5g deal possible, and haven't really found anything cheaper than €10/€11. I don't want to lose quality so am just wondering where you guys get yours from?

I've found Super Silver Haze for €10 at Betty Too ... tyTwo.html

I've also heard it's cheap at Central Coffeeshop, but have never been in here as I've always seen it as a tourist trap.

Any information would be greatly helpful as I'm going to the Dam' at the end of November.

Thanks! :mrgreen:

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True, Central does usually have a good SSH.
Is is still no smoking?

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central has good hazes at 8-9 euros

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weekdays 1800-0100
weekend 1000-0100

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What time is de graal open ?

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De graal sells cristalika 16 eu a gram. Smells and tastes like a real good grown ssh

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Boerejongens (formerly stix) had a lovely strain for 9.5 euro covered in resin and lime green in colour , one of the best smoke I had last time .

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I tried a really good one at the Damkring last week, been meaning to go back for more. It was quite a dark, bluish colour, really spicy, almost minty, very strong head buzz right from the off and for a good while.

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The best I ever had tasted so fresh , and so hazy was from high times , by oude kerk operative old church coffee shop, dude in there had some of ( the best in town) 16 euro a gram I thought yea right......... OMG get me 3 gram ASAP lool was the best I personally have had, ranked as my toking partners best smoke in the dam ,,! EVER

Been back a few times nothing ever on par with it

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Ok bro we will have to disagree

If I'm gonna go on a forum I'm gonna have a good look round/read rather than my first post being "what's the best" also everything is subjective , what I find the best you may not

Ya lazy handholder :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Cisco wrote:
Mb wrote:thought that!so why hold people hands comment ?he is asking about what SSH is best at the MOMENT? :?

Because its usually new members just asking "what's the" without contributing to the site , reading the latest travelouges will usually get the skinny on whats good at the mo , I just think its a lazy , hand holding question :wink: :lol: :lol:

really dont think its lazy as the point of the forum is to have a place for ideas and views on a particular issue this being all things dam can be exchanged. :roll: :D

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Nice reccomendtion _ lets hope there is some left for early November