Boner » Mon 23rd Mar 2009 02:25 pm

offmetree » Mon 28th Apr 2008 11:34 pm

Nice little shop.

Not sure if they still sell it but they used to sell cheap skuff.

It was renovated a few years ago but I personally preferred it the way it used to be. There used to be a painting of Dance Valley on the wall but I think that's gone now. Does seem much more bright and jolly now though.

Friendly staff.

weedman » Thu 9th Feb 2006 03:36 am

curious... i guess it's not the same for everyone.. :)

patrick » Wed 8th Feb 2006 01:03 pm

well i stopped by last week and tried some of the above mentioned weed. imho it was below par, i took some with me to vaporize later and it did not produce as much vapor as expected.

222 was the first shop i have ever been in that was showing a movie on several large flat screen tvs. i sat up in the small loft area behind the dealers counter. friendly guy running the place but not a place i recommend.

weedman » Fri 3rd Feb 2006 12:52 am

Yes, finally someone who has tasted the bubblegum!! :)

man, talk about blowing your socks off.. it likes that weed is
on another level by itself...

walking out is SERIOUSLY hard... LOL...

Raoul Duke » Thu 2nd Feb 2006 11:26 am

I would have to agree with you weedman, we stayed at the bulldog hotel ( a lot better than expected) 222 was right next door. Bought a couple of grams of bubblegumskunk and it blew my socks off. only €7 a gram too. probably be my first smoke next visit. be warned though, i lost all basic motor skills after a few joints of this stuff, legs and mind not working at the same speed at all, you'll end up all hunched over tryin to balance yourself out

Valo » Thu 19th Jan 2006 01:11 pm

I looked in here on a previous trip, only glancing at themenu and nothing really stood out so I left empty handed (certainly no Bubblegum White Skunk at the time - a few months ago). It seemed a fairly cosy shop considering the location at the foot of the RLD - and the staff were friendly and polite despite me spending no money.

Will definately be back to check out the new strain though - not long at all !!!

patrick » Wed 18th Jan 2006 10:52 pm

i will also walk in and check it out in less then two weeks, actually only one week.

hope they have a vaporizer.

Boner » Wed 18th Jan 2006 05:38 pm

If I remember :roll: I'll check it out in less than 2 weeks!! 222 ACD page

Redeye » Wed 18th Jan 2006 05:29 pm

Im going at the end of Feb...I'll keep my eyes peeled. If its near to Hotel Kras' it should be easy to find.

weedman » Wed 18th Jan 2006 04:19 pm

ACD Page: 222

For those we seek a smoke that beats all other smokes,
I would recommend going to Coffeeshop 222. Ask for the

Having been a chronic smoker for years, I have discovered
that one thing about smoking sucks. That is, after smoking all
day, you get BURNTED and the next smoke after that is nothinig
more than a headache. HOWEVER, Bubblegum White Skunk is here
to change all that.

I would recommend any pot enthusiast to go to 4-5 coffeeshops
throughout Amsterdam, THEN end the day at 222 and order
1-2 grams of BUBBLEGUM white skunk. What is amazing is the
fact that that crystally white powdered stickiness blazes you no matter
HOW much weed you smoked that day. For novice smokers - don't smoke it. A girl in our group passed out on the floor. For those you love and live
the chronic, BUBBLEGUM will not disappoint.

222 is located behind DAM Square (west), right around the corner from Damstraat. It is tiny, but it is well known to locals. Tourists generally stick out like sore thumbs, and are usually the ones sitting in the shop itself. The clientele at 222 are mostly locals who run in, buy weed and run out.

I will say, despite other criticims of the place, that 222 does have great
music, 3-4 large flat-panel TV's (with eurosport, and music, sports, etc.)
and good coffee. It's decor is nothing special, but who cares. I think if you act like an idiot American/Canadian, you will be treated like one.

In the warmer months, 222 can get hot, but who hangs out in a coffesshop all day anyway? Better yet, 222 is next to the Grand Hotal Krasnapolsky. If you can manage to swing a suite or an apartment, you will be living large, as the shop is about 50 feet from the back entrance of the hotel/apartments.

So, any takers? anyone going to check out 222?