FlyByNite » Thu 30th Nov 2017 04:55 am

New menu for Balou dated November 27, 2017. Thanks to Mr Jonsen.


ZBeebs » Wed 22nd Mar 2017 04:30 pm

Here now. Small two level coffeeshop. A couple tables and stools on the first floor, upstairs is a small smoking room, 4 tables with chairs and a ledge along the window with seats. Room for maybe 25 people but it would be crowded. I'm up here looking out the window, smoking a bowl of critical mass, got a €10 bag (.76 grams?). Smell is nice, very sticky if broken up with your fingers. Clean smoke, white ash, cured well. Interested to try more of the menu here.

White I like shops where you can sit and look out the window, the view here is just a building in a state of disrepair.

petrone » Sun 24th Apr 2016 12:31 pm

Balou is a pleasant little place, a room on the ground and directly above by way of a vertical staircase, a large non-descript room handy for small gatherings, though when I was there it was a series of individuals. The shop due to it,s location on a narrow street is a wee bit dingy, not much attempt to brighten it up by way of appropriate décor. CAUTION ON THE STAIRS! The lady staff member was naturally friendly. If you,re around Rembrandtplein give this place a visit.

Seifenblase » Thu 30th Aug 2012 10:16 am

we bought an ordinary pre-rolled jiont. the budtender was really friendly and the price standard.
we went upstairs and sat down right next the windows. while smoking the dope we watched through the window and enjoyed the feeling of the cool breeze outside. the music was low-keyed which created a really relaxed atmosphere. This was really pleasant since many coffeeshops play really loud and sometimes annoying music.
We ordered a delicious orange juice for a fair price.
If we come back to amsterdam we will probably go there again.

tutorjb1 » Mon 9th Jul 2012 03:32 am

I've never been to Balou, or Amsterdam for that matter, but voted that I liked it because there's a guy here somewhere named Balou(who seems acquianted with Lemming), who really helped me when I first came here and was totally lost. Balou is supposedly living in Amsterdam by now and is to be envied.
tutorjb1 ;-) :mrgreen: :roll:

misterbelvedere » Tue 24th Apr 2012 03:23 pm

The Balou was my first coffeeshop I ever visited in Amsterdam. It was around 2006, if I remember right.
Went in there in the morning hours with my girlfriend and the whole luggage. Had 1 gram of Jack Herer in the first floor.
The smoke was def. okay.
The dealer and his buddies looked a bit shady, but it was a nice first coffeeshop experience...

Spacefunk » Sat 28th Jan 2012 10:18 am

I randomly wandered past this shop as I was on my way back towards the center from Waterlooplein, and somehow had a recollection that it had been held in high regard, or that I'd read a few very positive reviews. The shop was pretty well empty, the bud selection was poor, and I had to settle for Chocolope (which is not a strain I particularly like at all, everything else was just run-of-the-mill stuff). I can't remember whether it was a gram or 1.2 for 12,50e, but it was easily the weakest smoke of this whole trip. Smells and tastes mildly reminiscent of what Chocolope usually is (and I don't enjoy that flavour), and didn't really hit me at all. Sold it off to a friend for a lower price than what I paid for it originally, because I knew I wouldn't smoke it.

mooncup » Wed 30th Nov 2011 04:01 pm

One word- CHEESE!

I've been racking my brain for the last week as I couldn't honestly remember where I'd bought one of my fave smokes from my trip to the Dam, then I remembered it was Balou's. Got a 20 bag, wasn't disappointed. Strongest smoke of the trip.

ganjoa » Sun 27th Nov 2011 11:34 pm

19 November 2011
The budtender was doing double duty as the coffee barista leading to an interesting mix of orders and customers to sort through which she accomplished beautifully.
The bags at Balou are fixed price (sm, med, lg) in varying weights depending on market price of strain purchased. A medium bag of Amnesia weighed in at 1.1g at a reasonable 12.50 euro. Good stuff, obvious sativa high, noticeable and rapid onset, not overpowering strong - but nice. The place wasn't too crowded and seating was easy and comfortable. Great choice for our first coffeeshop visited this trip. I just had to go see Balou the coffeeshop because of balou on ACD!

Smokerstoo » Wed 23rd Nov 2011 04:53 pm

Nice shop.

Was there in September lovely sitting upstairs by the window.

Can't remember what I bought. But they do half g bags.

Would recommend. Will go back when next there.

Smokey McPot » Fri 18th Nov 2011 11:30 pm

Not a bad shop at all
bought the 6.50 bag of Powerplant and I really enjoyed it, not very strong, but hey it's cheap
Budtender was fit as well which is always a bonus lol

Ghost » Sat 30th Jul 2011 12:25 pm

28/7/11 -service was good.

1g Blueberry Cheeze - good price, but weed had no strength.
1g ????? - not impressed.

thumbs down from me on this one, this time :!:

bodrian » Sun 20th Feb 2011 03:05 pm

this is a nice shop. u get a good selection of weed and hash.

hooperman » Sun 19th Dec 2010 10:17 pm

Was the first ever shop we went into, very welcoming, is a bit tight in space but if you brave the stairs it has another room.The guy asked about us and took time to welcome us to Amsterdam, sound big guy with a couple of nice girls.

Bought the Amnesia and the Super Polm.

Was very impressed with both, the Amnesia gives you some hit, good tea and other refreshments in here.We went back in when we were heading for home and they remembered us and let us smoke the rest of our stash we had built up over the few days, will deffo come back here.

codejd » Mon 16th Aug 2010 07:23 am

nice friendly was very nice and i liked the Amnesia although i thought the Ketama was nothing special, which usually it can be...