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New menu for Cookies Lounge dated 18 September 2023. Kindly submitted to by JC 85 ... okies.html


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Super Lemon Haze Cream as good as always. Very sticky! Had to be put in the fridge.

Lemon Cake had a lovely lemony smell that came through nicely in a pure joint.

Gary Payton was a brilliant smoke for the price. Smelt it out of interest as the budtender recommended it and I had to buy a g!

The budtender was very friendly, even covering one of the lights with his hand so I could get a better menu picture.

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New menu for Cookies dated 21 May 2023. Kindly submitted to by Avfc-Herbalist ... okies.html


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Stopped in here to see how the new cookies store was. It was pretty disappointing having been in many cookies store back in the US.. All of the bins that were “cookies” were pretty much empty, just shake. The only bin that had any nugs was the Gary Payton. So grabbed some of that. It’s pretty decent weed but by no means for the price they charge for a gram.

Seems like this places is just using the brand name “cookies”. I’m sure they are growing the genetics from cookies. Im sure Berner gets his cut or some upfront payment to use the name. But with all the branding in the store you’d think they would at least try to keep the product in stock.

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This place is now Cookies Amsterdam, although still owned by the Greenhouse guys.

The menu is a mix of your standard fare and buds that are supposedly grown by Cookies and then flown here from California. As standard, all of the American imported stuff is eyewateringly expensive.

They didn't actually seem to have that much stock of this stuff, so it must be popular. All they had left were two Cookies strains, and even then it was a small amount. The Animal Mints was small buds, but the Gary Payton was just the dust at the bottom of the box, so I stumped up the 28 euro for a gram of the former.

28 euro is the most I've ever spent on a gram of weed, and probably will be for some time. I managed to convince myself that it's less of a rip off because Cookies is pretty expensive weed even in California. The things we tell ourselves, eh?

In fairness, the weed was pretty good. Tasted delicious and the effects were very good. It's the type of indica dominant hybrid I really like. Not too soporific, but not anxiety triggering either. Was it the best weed I've ever smoked to match the record price tag? Nah, but it was pretty typical for the type of thing you'd get in a California dispensary.

Whether it's the real thing from California is anyone's guess. The poor selection and unappealing little buds suggests to me it probably is. If you're going to mug people off with Dutch/Spanish grown weed and say it's Californian, wouldn't you at least choose some bigger buds and keep everything in stock? Again though, who knows? Three cheers to whatever ruthless capitalist realised people would pay double for the weed if you claim it's from California though. American weed tends to be better than the stuff in Europe, and you can get some really good shit over there, but it's not twice as good, is it?

Cookies branding is everywhere, including a large neon light in the shape of the Cookies logo on the ceiling. The smoking area is full of silent TVs playing clips of Berner (the rapper who owns Cookies) and the Greenhouse guys sniffing jars of weed and smiling approvingly. The music was chilled out hip hop, although thankfully not Berner's music...which is shit and pretty one dimensional.

The atmosphere and service wasn't bad at all. The waitress was friendly and the budtender was nice enough too. Who doesn't prefer to get robbed with a smile? Despite that, I doubt I'll be back. It's kind of a one off. A novelty. I think I prefer to smoke European weed in Europe and Californian weed in California.

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The shop has been renovated and has a very large counter now. I liked the coffeeshop itself especially the upstairs area while I didn´t took a closer look what they changed now because the coffeeshops are still take away only... but first impression was not bad...

King Hassan (15€/g) - I expected that kind of moroccan that is around in many coffeeshops atm for around 15€ a gram called Tidghine, Beldia but this King Hassan was different so I tried it. Very soft blonde fresh hash looked very yammy :D the smell was kind of fruity but also with scents of the classic moroccan. The hash bubbles nicely when touched by the flame. The taste was very enjoyable, too while not ultra tasty but I liked it :D
Good effect on body and head but in the end more stoned I would say.

Overall nice blonde fresh hash. Not really an oldschool moroccan but it also didn´t felt like a newschool hash... good effect but I really hope that prices for hash went down in the next time...

Kush pre rolled Joint (4,50€/g mixed with tabacco) - Second and last pre rolled joint this trip but again not bad :D I could really taste that there was some kind of kush in it. Smoked good and gave me a good effect. Well to roll it yourself is sitll 100 times better but I was a bit surprised... I had expected much less and compared to my last pre rolled joints which I tried this two were much better.

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:? Their Super Lemon Haze is not the same of before.. I remember, I bought the best of this weed on April 2016, and now, from about one year, is not the same anymore.. But the price is always the same!!
I'm not happy because many years ago it was a very nice shop, but now I see only tourists vs dealers who often they are not polite..

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Last week:

This time they didn't have something new hashwise I haven't tried before.

Though they again took the biscuit as they were selling Violet Malawi for 22€/g. Mind you this was listed under 'Specials' among other lower priced stuff ; it is not imported from the Usa or fuck knows!

Now the best part, attention please and fasten your seatbelts: according to the menu it was Malawi(landrace)xCritical Kush. Now go and get it but to me it looked embarassing especially for such a price ; budtender said it is so special because it purpled. All right then! You eat with your eyes first and its all about colours, right?

Now some good news at least as too an a objective god myself: they had an import section on the menu tool and their stuff seemed to range from 22€ to 25€ for some again hilariously named Wiz Kalifa Kush which was merely nice enough looking but it seems they are cheaper when it comes to so called imports than others so go get it.

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Been here twice. Both times a let down. Their cheese was scraggly and underwhelming. Lemon haze was poorer than the stuff is get at home in the street. Overrated and expensive. Proper tourist dive.

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popped in one morning (fairly early) during my recent visit, copped a gram each of

- Pineapple glue. very sweet, not very gluey. distinctly average

- Super critical. didnt burn properly, trashed.

went back to the dealers counter and asked him to give me a gram of the very best quality weed they had in stock, "NYCD bro, shes reekin'" it burnt well had the classic nycd taste but the high wasnt great and the bud structure was weak.

not a real surprise to be honest, spent about a hour and a half in here had 2 coffees and didnt feel at all pushed.

basically yeah you can go here, or you can go to other places. its not top of the list IMO

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Came here searching for Chemdawg but it wasn't on the menu (gutted!)
As it was the first stop on route to the hotel thought I'd grab something for a quick smoke and fly to the hotel...thought I'd play it safe and grab some SSH, smelt sweet and little dense nugs but it had no flavour whatsoever!
A real let down, the place was steady but we were quickly asked not to sit in the downstairs part behind the bar and kitchen as they wanted the upstairs room used first.
Always find this place a bit off when it comes to service and interaction, bud tenders are miserable and the price V quality is rarely justified. Big shame for such a well known brand.

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The pure kush is very strong and tastie defo be back for more..the slh well the best you will get in dam

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Last week:

Jack Cream(18€/g)looked worth a try but already had too much on me.

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I know everyone hates on this place, but I enjoyed it today. The budtender took some time to show me a few things. "I asked for something nice and chunky. It was the closest coffee shop to my hotel.

I grabbed some super lemon haze, la confidential, and super lemon haze cream.

La confidential- It was really thick and made my fingers sticky breaking it up. Not a lot of taste actually, but gave a nice indica push.
5 out of ten

Super lemon haze- The smell was unbelievably good. Big thick sativa crystal covered but. Honestly one of the tastiest smokes I've enjoyed. 9 out of ten. Would smoke again.

Lemon haze cream. Dark and mushy to the touch. I was able to stick my finger to the lighter and give it a lift after breaking some up.
6 and a half. Taste was a little goofy honestly

I smoked everything out of a glass bong.

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Just imagine how much they make per kilo. 1000g x 15-25e..... :roll:

I now make dry sift hash @ 95% + pure heads, wonder how much a coffeeshop would charge for that?