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by Jesscass
Tue 8th May 2018 06:36 pm
Forum: Coffeeshop Reviews
Topic: Utopia
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Re: Utopia

While browsing through all the posts on this board regarding this upcoming joint venture I'm wondering what all the fuss is about? Roughly some cry about a mediocre shop lost and others expect the wares to be much better there only because of someone owning a social cannabis club in Barcelona is soo...
by Jesscass
Fri 13th Apr 2018 01:24 pm
Forum: Coffeeshop Reviews
Topic: Rokerij
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Re: Rokerij

This week: Read about that change on here and wanted to see what all the fuss is about. So on arrival we immediately entered there while visiting the usual suspects in that area ; especially since due to location it's handy for the last session before boarding. However, they don't have bongs and the...
by Jesscass
Sat 3rd Mar 2018 03:18 pm
Forum: Coffeeshop Reviews
Topic: Toermalijn (Tilburg)
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Returning to another home away from home

I agree with all you've stated, PhatPaulie! If tomorrow the wietpas gets binned I'll return to Toermalijn yesterday :wink: ! That's what I did then as promised, mate, as I'm no damn deadbeat fantasising about what ever so just doing it despite subpar cold weather and a music festival. We indeed mad...
by Jesscass
Fri 16th Feb 2018 01:52 pm
Forum: Travelogues
Topic: Nov/Dec 2017 - With muted tones, I return
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Re: Nov/Dec 2017 - With muted tones, I return

Personally holding people no matter where located making such effort for friends in high regard so kudos to you, Djreign! That's a sign of 'real friendship' to me as myself differentiates between aquintances, accomplices, mates and friends in this particular order. Latter ones you merely find a hand...
by Jesscass
Thu 18th Jan 2018 08:52 pm
Forum: Smoker-Friendly Bar Reviews
Topic: de Graal
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Re: de Graal

Returned here for the first time last December and thought they still had a very similar vibe on. Very nice, will return again :D !
by Jesscass
Thu 18th Jan 2018 08:50 pm
Forum: Travelogues
Topic: Hia City, Rotterdam in late September, 2013 and July, 2014
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Re: Hia City, Rotterdam in late September, 2013 and July, 2014

December, 2017 This return was overdue big time. For two reasons. Firstly haven't been to the harbour since ages and also wanted to check back on the hashish scene there. Secondly I connected with some people in the know the oldschool way eye to eye instead of some unsafe and impersonal social media...
by Jesscass
Mon 15th Jan 2018 04:57 pm
Forum: Coffeeshop Reviews
Topic: Greenhouse (Den Haag)
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Re: Greenhouse (Den Haag)

December, 2017: Funny reading those reviews here. Reported too about it. Have to point out they're not belonging to that overrated chain from elsewhere! However haven't sit down for years here but back then staff handed me their Volcano for use ; place in itsself is a bit boring if they haven't chan...
by Jesscass
Mon 15th Jan 2018 04:46 pm
Forum: Coffeeshop Reviews
Topic: Cafe Cremers (Den Haag)
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Re: Cafe Cremers (Den Haag)

December, 2017: Took a look every now and then and their menu is still huge. About fifty products when it comes to hasj and wiet. Way too much considering their allowed limit of stock of 500 grams as less is more. At least prices were not as insane as reported last year. Which of course I take up th...
by Jesscass
Mon 15th Jan 2018 04:37 pm
Forum: Coffeeshop Reviews
Topic: Dizzy Duck, The Hague
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Re: Dizzy Duck, The Hague

December, 2017: They still had a varied menu on display. Also a section offering those supposedly moroccan hashes with foreign genetics of western hybrids only sold by the gram and coming in those small plastic bins. Same goes for their special wiet offers and one was a strain from Sannie's I would ...
by Jesscass
Fri 12th Jan 2018 01:02 pm
Forum: Coffeeshop Reviews
Topic: Dampkring
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Re: Dampkring

@Marok21 [/Crapulinski] Yes, I liked that Asli as well when I've been in town last December and thought it was the best piece I picked up on that trip. Funny there were a lot of overlappings again regarding your purchases. By the way asked budtender on shift about the difference between moroccan has...
by Jesscass
Tue 9th Jan 2018 08:51 pm
Forum: Coffeeshops and Cannabis
Topic: Bongs in coffeeshops
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Re: Bongs in coffeeshops

Agree with most what's been said already. Amsterdam: 1eHulp: I wonder nobody mentioned them yet. Haven't been there for quite some time now I realised some years ago those bastards tried to charge us for using one of their bongs from their really nice selection. Interesting move from a business pers...
by Jesscass
Wed 4th Oct 2017 08:37 pm
Forum: Coffeeshop Reviews
Topic: Taverne Oasis (Groningen)
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Re: Taverne Oasis (Groningen)

September, 2017: Bummer Tropicana was crossed out on the menu, also much to the regret of young budtendress who tried to sell some other moroccan to me. No compromise though this time so got some as usual scraggy and ugly looking wiet from them. Some people seem to fail growing some organic wiet, be...
by Jesscass
Wed 4th Oct 2017 08:34 pm
Forum: Travelogues
Topic: Groningen's coffeeshop scene&Leeuwarden's+Updates
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Re: Groningen's coffeeshop scene&Leeuwarden's+Updates

So have been to Leeuwarden in September and explored that not so interesting town itsself a lot more, though sea is nearby and if you're up for that worth a look. Visited all shops in town again! The shop closed last year which was Africa is now carelessly named 058 , which again is documented now a...
by Jesscass
Wed 9th Aug 2017 10:23 pm
Forum: Coffeeshop Reviews
Topic: 't Kunsje, Nijmegen
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Re: 't Kunsje, Nijmegen

In general: know this shop way before it merged with moroccan Labda, which Marok21 and me reported on here when this happened last year due to mayor Bruls wanting to have less coffeeshops in neighborhoods but most of them located in the centre of town. Excellent idea! On one hand bit far from realit...
by Jesscass
Wed 9th Aug 2017 09:21 pm
Forum: Coffeeshop Reviews
Topic: Coffeeshop Amsterdam (formerly Dampkring 2 and Pink Floyd)
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Re: Dampkring 2 (formerly Pink Floyd)

Great marketing, as the time passes guess what's gonna be the 1st google result while searching "coffeeshop amsterdam" :lol: Good call on that one, Papi! No need mentioning the name of that shitty search engine too many people still seem to use though. Excellent business move of those guys renaming...

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