DSOM's trip report 3rd - 8th june

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DSOM's trip report 3rd - 8th june

Post by Dark-side-of-moon » Tue 11th Jun 2019 04:16 pm

Day 1. I was awake before my alarm rang at 4.00 a.m. Caught the 5.21 to London and arrived at Kings Cross at 7.00 a.m. for the 8.16 Eurostar Direct to Amsterdam. Kings Cross was mayhem - two interlocking queues for two different destinations with everyone desperate not to miss their train.
4 hours later arrived at Centraal. Stupidly I didn't buy a tram card and you can't pay cash on a tram. The conductress kindly let me travel for free.
Got to the hotel near the Vondelpark. The hotel staff were a decent bunch, but on checking in I was presented with a city tax of 35.71 euros and a deposit of 50 euros for if (when) I set fire to my room.
Checked out my room. The Trip-Advisor reviews were really poor, but I've stayed in worse places in France and Spain. Albeit for 1/3rd of the price. It had a bed, bathroom, and window.
Phoned my Dad.
Then went straight out to Rookies 'cause it was close and then up to the Dampkring. Then back to the hotel to stash my stash.
Next I went for a pizza and a beer for 14 euros, then round to the Tweede Kamer where I had a smoke. I left walking in a slightly crab-like manner.
It was a sunny evening so I took a walk in the Vondel. Sat on a bridge near the habitual heroin users. Amsterdam - a city where smack users are visible and get to enjoy the day in the sun. Compare with the U.K.'s non-policy where the first indication of opiate use is in depressed house prices, and then worse. Heroin use isn't good, but at least the Dutch demonstrate some honesty and duty of care. Just a thought.
Went back to my room where I got very stoned.

Day 2. Got up at 7.00a.m. and went for a walk in the sun. Spotted a local Albert Heijn for late night snacks and two Indian restaurants - one of which I ear-marked for later. Back at the hotel I ate my 15 euro breakfast and attempted to set myself up for the day. Dutch breakfasts are good. Then took a long walk up to Greenhouse Centrum which was just opening. Had a smoke then walked to the large cafe adjacent to the Bluebird. Spent a hour or so people watching then popped into the Bluebird.
Back at the hotel I rolled a very smokey White Widow hash joint and......set the fire alarm off. Two seconds later the alarm was switched off and a knock at6 the door politely informed me i should smoke in the garden. I'd just been .
Made a quick visit to Rookies and the Dampkring then I was in the garden smoking some Malana Cream. Then I wanted to eat.
I headed to the Indian I'd spotted earlier. As I approached the neon 'open' sign looked hopeful. The proprietor was kind of lodged in the door. I had to persuade him to let me in to eat. Once, finally, inside he looked me bang in the eye and said "yesss" in a manner that conveyed deep significance. Meanwhile the restaurant music was Krisna prayer intonations spoken very slowly by a clearly ancient hindu mystic reading magical texts. By the time I sat down I was in another realm. I scanned the menu and chose Kashmiri Chicken. The Malana Cream had had an effect.
I ate one chapatti, onion bhajis, rice, kashmiri chicken and beer for 25 euros. Not bad.
Anmol - Van Bearlestraat between the Vondel and the Overtoom - I recommend.
I left feeling good and made it to the Tweede kamer which had a nice atmosphere.
Back to the garden for more smokes then bed.

Day 3. The day started drizzly and went downhill from there. Using my trusty 2009 map I went in search of the Post-office half way up the Singel. It isn't there and three gruff builders pointed vaguely in the direction of Centraal. Popped into Prix D'Ami on the way. Up at Centraal I understood that the Dutch hate the English and me in particular. Then I realised that the Post-Office is called a 'Service-Point'. Then went in search of coffeeshop Solo.
Back at the hotel had a kip then nipped up to the Dampkring.
Later in the garden for a smoke - boy did it rain, torrential downpour, thunder, lightning, the works.

Day 4. A new dawning of sunshine and common-sense. I spent 19 euros on a three day tram card. I now had (tram) wheels. I shot up to Centraal and then to Tolstraat 'cause I wanted to visit the Greenhouse there. Next I got lost and found myself near the Albert Cuyp market. These are nice areas for over 50's like me away from the surging masses of tourists and school parties. Managed to wander into Club Media along the way.
Back at the hotel I decided to visit the other Indian restaurant I'd seen. Good, but not quite as good as the first. 33 euros.
I then asked at the Tweede Kamer for something 'strong'. It wasn't (see coffeeshop reviews later) and I made my way up to look at the Red Light District. I was part of the mass of ogglers and lurkers and not a punter. The RLD seems squashed and tightly controlled by the city authorities. I wonder what it was like 100 years ago. It is Amsterdam's unique selling point and they'd be foolish to sanitise it further or close it down. If they did they could be like us English - bored stupid and all hating each other. I'm going to send them some New Labour 'equality' videos to show them how happy we are here.
Back at the hotel I planned the revolution with my mate Dogs.
Garden, smokes, bed.

Day 5. Another rainy day. Went to Rookies 'cause I wanted a coffee and a smoke then trammed up to the Greenhouse Centrum, then walked round to the Green Place for a nice smoke outside in a sunny spell. A nice place to watch the world go by. Lurked around the Centrum some more then made my last buy of the trip in the Dampkring.
Back at the hotel more rainy joints in the garden.

Day 6. Checked out. Stayed straight for my three connecting trains before Brussels. Got home at 9.00pm having travelled for 10 hours. Had a smoke, but not in the garden.

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Re: DSOM's trip report 3rd - 8th june

Post by Strawberries » Thu 13th Jun 2019 10:34 pm

I enjoyed that, very entertaining.

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Re: DSOM's trip report 3rd - 8th june

Post by puffpuffgive » Thu 20th Jun 2019 11:09 pm

good read. i might have to check out that anmol restaurant :shock:
ik hou van amsterdam
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