Smoke list Jan 20-23rd 2020

After (or during) your trip, post your report here.
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Smoke list Jan 20-23rd 2020

Post by puffpuffgive »

Neville’s Haze - 1g - 15e - Meh.

Club Media
Blackberry Kush - 1g - 19.5e - dry woody smell, not much taste either. FX are strong but expected a lot more for the £. Maybe an old batch.
Thin Mint Cookie - 1g - 14.50 - this is more like it. Tasty & strong
Champage Haze - 1g - 12.50e/g - good as always… beautiful crystally nugs.
Critical Kush (hash) 1g - 7e - was recommended this in place of the Warm Oortjes hash they used to carry.. it’s not as good though. Fairly soft in texture and ok taste, decent effect.

Melonade - 0.9g - 20e (?) - Cali strain, this is like sour diesel/tangie but with that cali next-level flavour, aroma and effect. Great gear, 10/10
Blue Power 0.7g - 20e (?) - Oof. This will sit you down quick.
Super Lemon Haze - 0.8g - 10e - As I remember from previous trips, a sunny, happy high
Maroc Lemon Haze (hash) 10e 1.2g - I remember this was nice but no specifics
Skywalker OG ?e - Again, memory fails except for it was decent & pretty strong

Birdy (Haarlem)
3 for 25e deal - Knetter, Lemon Haze, Diamond (hash)
3 for 25e deal - Diamond (hash) x2, Honing Maroc (hash)
-The Knetter is a decent morning or filler weed, Diamond & Honing are both excellent maroc hashes to be savoured! Lemon Haze also nice. Perhaps Katsu’s is slightly better.

Grey Area
Sundae Driver - 1g - 18e - Most enjoyable, fruity & strong but not couchlocking.

1ste Hulp
Tangie 15e/g - A fave strain for me. Very nice
Violeta 14e/g - Really nice too, strong and tasty, all of 1e hulp’s high bud seems excellent tbh!
Rainbow Skittles 16e/g - Not like that cali skittlez flavour but a really nice old school sweaty skunk vibe on this one, a nice smoke
Banana OG hash 15e/g - I’ve not had much of this ‘new genetics’ block hash before. It’s great though. Very soft, kind of odd piney smell but tastes great in a J especially when mixed with weed. Really nice strong effects.

Gran Daddy OG hash - 0.5g - 35e - Mehh. Very little taste, harsh. Strong.
Exotic Runts - 1g - 35e - Nice weed but in no way did it justify that price tag.

Green Place
Gelati - 1g - 25e - Decent example of the strain flavour-wise but overpriced

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Re: Smoke list Jan 20-23rd 2020

Post by FODSmith »

Thanks for writing that up, as you're a reliable guide to what's going on. Makes me feel guilty about not doing something similar from my more modest collection from one of those days. I wonder whether our paths crossed? The only shop we seem to have both visited was 1e Hulp, where I agree with you on the Banana OG hash (my first smoke of the day, with their reliable Amnesia weed).
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Re: Smoke list Jan 20-23rd 2020

Post by Tokeing tom »

Nice write up man some nice strains on there I been looking at 1e hulp on ig and there bud does look very nice at the min good to have it confirmed.
I have never been to katsu but im gonna have to put it on my list sounds like it's worth a visit...roll on this time 4 weeks :D
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Re: Smoke list Jan 20-23rd 2020

Post by gapie »

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Re: Smoke list Jan 20-23rd 2020

Post by CruMember »

:shock: ...easier to put down the few you have not tried! :wink: :lol:

...fijn weekend & geniet ervan allemaal! :thumbup:
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