ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2019

After (or during) your trip, post your report here.
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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2019

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Day 8 - Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Last day for me today. I've got a flight to catch later but I'm intending to carry on until the last possible moment.

First stop Voyagers, where I get chatting with Gapie, Hestia and Trad. Hestia is moving to new accommodation today. She's been staying with Trad for the past week but he's leaving today. Fortunately Gapie has managed to organise something new and is taking her there later.


After an hour or so in the Voyagers smoking tank I'm starting to get itchy feet. I fancy a last little walk through Amsterdam. A mission to get a coffeeshop photo starts to formulate. There are only a handful of shops left in Amsterdam that I haven't pictured yet. One is Nogal Wiedes out on the Eastern Islands.

I set off on a brisk walk eastwards along Prins Hendrikkade. It's an otherwise unattractive and busy road improved only by this vista up Oudeschans.

Montelbaanstoren on Oudeschans

Just visible on the distant bridge is Café de Sluyswacht, the little black house near Reefer.

I turn off opposite Het Scheepvaartmuseum (maritime museum) onto Kattenburgergracht and continue eastwards. A little further along I recognise Museum 't Kromhout across the canal. We passed here on the boat a few days ago.

As I'm snapping away my camera battery suddenly goes flat. This is a bit drastic as the whole purpose of my mission is to get a coffeeshop photo. Fortunately I have a charged USB power pack with me intended to keep my portable vape going. That does the trick so I carry on striding along.

At the tramlines, in view of the windmill, I turn onto Czaar Peterstraat, which brings me to Nogal Wiedes.

Nogal Wiedes

I take lots of photos of the coffeeshop and then, mission accomplished, start heading back. I don't get very far before being distracted. The windmill sucks me in to take a closer look.

De Gooyer windmill and Brouwerij 't IJ

I can even see Happy People from here but time is short so I set a course back to the centre. For a change of scenery I'm on the opposite side of the canal, following Hoogte Kadijk across a little bridge next to the entrance to Museum 't Kromhout.

At the end of the road I emerge onto Kadijksplein. I'm not familiar with this area but I know roughly where I am. To my right I can immediately see the busy Prins Hendrikkade but as I stride out, a prettier scene is revealed to my left. I'm drawn towards an attractive bridge so I cross it. That leads to a little street going the right way but blocked at the end by another busy road, Valkenburgerstraat and the approach to the IJ-tunnel.

I fancy trying to cross Uilenburg island, which I believe is somewhere behind the buildings on the opposite side of this road, although I'm stubbornly refusing to look at a map so I'm not exactly sure. Prins Hendrikkade is again visible to my right and offers a pedestrian crossing over the motorway obstructing my path. Nevertheless, I turn left.

This longer than intended diversion eventually has me in the Lastage neighbourhood, near Solo.


And so back to Voyagers. The crew are still here so I rejoin the session.

Final stop is Batavia. We've now got DeLekkersteNUGS16, Gapie, Hestia, Matty223, Trad and me. A manic smoke-up ensures that my journey to the airport and home passes in a blur.

That's it for 2019. Thanks to everyone who made it another wonderful gathering.

Here's my cast list. Please let me know if I've missed you out:


See you in 2020!

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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2019

Post by AzLaker »

Thanks for keeping me hyped up Lemming!! Only 4 short months. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
RO42020 :thumbup: :-D

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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2019

Post by Ghost »

AzLaker wrote: Thu 26th Dec 2019 06:26 pm Thanks for keeping me hyped up Lemming!! Only 4 short months. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
RO42020 :thumbup: :-D

+1 :clap: :D me to counting down the months, weeks and days :mrgreen:
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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2019

Post by courtjester »

Great report. You also have quite an eye for photos.

The mention of Smoking Bull brought back memories. First place Mrs. CJ and I ever tried a Volcano.
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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2019

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Finally finished, Great write up Lemming
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Re: ACD Forum's 4/20 Gathering 2019

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:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :twisted: :twisted: :mrgreen: 8) 8) :P :P :) :) :D :D
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