23rd Sept - 25th Sept

After (or during) your trip, post your report here.
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23rd Sept - 25th Sept

Post by kiki1989 »

I booked in August after some flights got cancelled for early September. Less than £50 for return flights so rude not to.

Annoyingly I was supposed to fly out Wednesday morning and back Friday night. These flights got changed to Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon, meaning I lost about 16 hours, however more sociable times at least.

It’s the best time to go and perhaps my favourite trip yet. Got a seat everywhere. Lots of food, walking and chonging.

Stopped at Durty Nellys for £25 a night. Pod beds very comfortable and only one other lad in my room which is made for six. Perfect.

After checking in at 9pm I headed towards Harlemerstraat. I’ve never stepped foot in anything Barneys but really wanted to try Dr Grinspoon.
They didn’t have it in the small buy and fly shop, I didn’t really fancy any of their other strains, however still queued for ages with only one bud tender working (there were two) and one customer. Ended up u-turning.

Just Coffeeshop Amsterdam on the first night. Tangerine for about €14. It was average.

Day 2:-
- Het Ballonetje: Super Silver Haze. Wanted Super Orange Glue or Watermelon Zkittlez but neither available. Was alright although very disappointed that you can’t smoke tobacco anymore. Had the place to myself.
- Katsu: Man I love it in here. Mango haze. Lovely.
- Abraxas: Didn’t buy weed. Nice orange juice.
- Bagheera: First time. Went for Lemon Bubble, not on the menu. Opted for their Jack at just €9 a gram. Probably the best of the trip.
- Greenhouse United: Didn’t buy weed. Best banana milkshake ever.
- Dampkring: Again didn’t buy but caned their drinks menu.
- 420: Nevills Haze. Pretty good I think, but not quite the heights of the stuff I bought from Tweede Kamer back in 2012.
- Coffeeshop Amsterdam Cafe: Nice to know you won’t be pressured into buying weed.

31 miles walked (if Strava is to be believed although I’m not totally convinced). I’m telling everyone I did a marathon from now on, and smoke 17 joints along the way. One of the best days of my life.

Day 3:-
- Greenhouse United for another banana milkshake.
- Paradox: A space cake (smuggled home) and 0.4g of Gorilla Zkittlez which was pretty fucking awesome tbh. Wished I could’ve finished the bag but I was rushed for time and still had other bud to get through.
Katsu: Amnesia Haze pre-roll before heading home. Knocked me out. Left a full grinder, some Nevills Haze and a joints worth of Gorilla Zkittlez for one lucky punter on the table.

All in all excellent. Really want to go again.

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Re: 23rd Sept - 25th Sept

Post by HitTheNorth »

Nice one Kiki. Shame you couldn't get any Dr G. I got it at Katsu funnily enough, couple years ago now. Guess if it was on you'd have seen it. Next time eh...
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Re: 23rd Sept - 25th Sept

Post by AzLaker »

Nice write up. Straight to the point, no B.S.. I like it. And you had a good time. Excellent. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Re: 23rd Sept - 25th Sept

Post by titus wong »

Short but sweet. Must try that banana shake sometime.
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Re: 23rd Sept - 25th Sept

Post by macky »

Sounds lovely ,Liberty Haze from Barney mostly good .but batch to batch same old song :D Suggest you check there hash always something good :mrgreen:
25 euros a night leaves lots for dope I imagine :D Hate to say it but love the fact Balloon gave tobacco the boot, looking forward to sitting up stairs .
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Re: 23rd Sept - 25th Sept

Post by dubsy420 »

Sounds like a straight to the point solo trip with lots of walking - something I'm hoping to do in July.

Nice one.
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Re: 23rd Sept - 25th Sept

Post by gapie »

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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