Overview: Eindhoven(reup)+Updates

After (or during) your trip, post your report here.
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Re: Overview: Eindhoven(reup)+Updates

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Cheers again!

Now finally time again for a report from last week:

Entered The Wall and immediately noticed prices have risen ; Super Polm(dark brown&looking good)is now 7€(before: 6€), Royal is now 13(before:12€), Super Silver Haze is now 13€(before: 12€)and their tea from a similar philistine vending machine as before is now 1,5€(before:1€) :evil: :lol: . They also had Enemy Of The State listed(11€/g I think).
That's it for bad news, now about the good ones: Cristal(10€)and Royal(13€)are still very nice. Former one more of a mellow body as up-high and Royal a stronger stone and nice enough high ; I agree with Marok21 here they're sort of similar to each other sometimes(indeed different qualities from the same sieving?). Super Silver looked decent but not like 13€/g :evil: :lol: .
At Upstairs I wanted to check out their hash menu since it's been a while, too. They also had Cheese wiet but it smelt embarassing so refused. Og Kush Block(moroccan, 11€/g)was crossed out on the menu and therefore was shown Choco Block(moroccan, 11€/g)which was more of a dark moroccan.
Also sort of dark smelling if that makes sense ; indeed a bit like cacao but more like leather and those type of terpenes I'm used to when it comes to Nepalese and Indian hash. More of a very dark moroccan hashish by the way.
Same taste also was there and effects were strong enough. Closely second best hash of this trip in my book ; best when it comes to price-/performance ratio though :) .
At New Wave I planned on sitting down before so asked at the counter what's hot at the minute and was shown Amnesia :mrgreen: . Before that I already decided for their Candy Kush(10€/0,8g)though so went for this instead of my usual favourite strain of all time as an exception ; on the other hand it looked ok enough and it was 10€ for a gram which isn't pricy for Eindhoven.
Candy Kush looked quite average but at least had a kush smell which you could even taste while smoking. Effects were ok enough. Not much changed here inside but I enjoyed my time.
At De Apotheker I stumbled upon Dom Perignon(11€/g)which is a blonde moroccan I also saw the other day at Green Place for 14€/g(along with their new moroccan Cookies N Cream, 18€/g, which I tried and can strongly recommend. Also can echo Zbeebs opinion as same batch on that one who reported on here the other day ; medium high at best though).
Old indifferent budtender had a seriously hilarious mimic and gesture on while showing it to me which can be summed up by 'That's some serious shit'.
So funny :lol: .
Beside that he also had traditional top grade moroccan which was named Tidighine something for about 10€(didn't care).
Got Perignon then and it had an earthy sort of fruity fresh smell to it, also to the taste. High also was more of an up one and not that strong. Still great hash for the price even though Grenn Place' was a better batch I suppose. Still in this case best hash in Eindhoven this trip :D .
Meetpoint and The Cool had nothing new on their menus. Also at Casablanca and The Pink(only Twisla and their best wiet this time was Casey Jones which was a joke and really tiny buds, I'm good, thanks!). Forgot about taking a look at the Indian :lol:. At Eurogarden they had some new black hash on(Nepal or India can't remember where from but didn't look at it as usual and tend to think India, 13€/g), their Girl Scout Cookies hash looked and smelt still proper.

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Re: Overview: Eindhoven(reup)+Updates

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Noticed haven't updated here for some reasons since the last one for a while though went during said period. Though every now and then visits to this grey city decreased particularly since Tilburg suspended damn I-criteria until coming October as on one hand have been to Eindhoven a lot due to no other alternative in this area in the last years and on the other Tilburg offers a bit more variation(though Toermalijn started to sell supposedly import from California coming also in sealed fancy jars with printed labels for 120€+ some time ago, 'Smarties' and shit for ridiculous 3,5g which is a very bad point to me ; although there are more or less reasonable priced specials for hashish on, too)on the regular so we only went for this sort of detour a couple of times on our way to Tilburg as one of my mates likes to take a look at The Wall for wiet.
Though we mostly focussed on that one and The Pink then with detours to other etablissements every now and then there for obvious reasons.

So this is a little summary then about what happened during the last twelve months roughly.
Sometimes I have the feeling that this city finally woke up from its deep slumber as most shops since ages carried the same oldschool strains and about one random haze as so many dutch towns did on the regular when Upstairs and even Meetpoint started to offer different stuff.
So a bit of a change at least.
Apotheker's menu always had new things on and this didn't change though they're not opened on mondays and tuesdays now which I appreciate for some reasons as usual ; haven't been since ages though(but inbetween at some point definitely) and I know they were sentenced last year to almost one year of closure as too much drugs on the premises so don't know if they were closed inbetween, never been too often there for some reasons anyway.
Eurogarden tends to have new variants of them Moroccans with foreign genetics on every now and then(Ak-47 Block springs to mind and Strawberry something)and New Wave every now and then offers one single new strain ; have seen Jack Herer Critical which is just funny thinking about this fantasy name(probably an ultra exclusive local cut for such an extraordinary shop).
Casablanca is roughly the same. Indian sleeps on too, help me! Highlander, Sindbad and Cool I haven't visited for some time now indeed but doubt there were major changes , especially for Sindbad I'd almost give my shirt to off my back :evil: :lol: .
At The Pink there are strains coming and going relatively but weren't interesting enough qualitywise so nothing stood out ; new Moroccans with foreign genetics every now and then too
but still boring.
What I tried one visit was one of their dragées they offer since quite a while now. There are two versions one supposedly providing 13mg Thc per dragée and the other 26mg Thc. One pack containing three and they're 10 respectively 15€ each. Went for the one with supposedly 26mg Thc(wonder how they extracted only
Thc and no other cannabinoids when produced in Nederland with their amateurish illegal wannabe approaches).
Took them home and tried them with no tolerance. Taste is indeed like the plant itsself but without this terrible bitterness so taste is masked ok enough as sweetish, too. A single one of them produces a very light sedation with minimal euphoria, quite one dimensional though.
It feels as something is seriously lacking with the effects as if they start to kick in without doing so in the end and they sorta remind me of a certain batch of Kali Mist(Serious Seeds)we grew years back which only provided very light effects even though harvested at the right time and all that ; although it was indeed annoying this one in retrospect was more satisfying than this single dragee.
Also relatively long lasting.
So all in all better than the crap from T'Grasje in Utrecht and seemingly coming from a different producer but I'd say it really is something for people only consuming rarely a year but before I indulge again I prefer going back to disgusting hash yogurts, yuk.
The Wall is consistently still providing more or less the best in Eindhoven. Though there are queues almost any time you go there now similar to The Pink ; particularly since the beginning of this year while this place turns more and more to a shithole(not that it was something else ever at one point ; as it was lacking something while providing quality gear it never was a real top shop to me contradictorily)with focus on selling instead of taking care of the interior and at one point they announced a coming renovation or shit there ages ago.
Would not be surprised they come up with a strictly buy and fly place then but we will see what happens in the end.
Stuff tends to start wietwise at 10€/g now and this is for their 'Killer Queen'(which most probably is just White Widow as they still sell WW joints, sales psychology again - oh my). Usually they do their Amnesia(12€)or Super Silver Haze(13€/g)beside one or two random strains thrown in.
Every now and then there is old Brilliant Haze(14€/g)back which ages ago used to be their 'ultimate flagship' for a few euro less ; now it even comes with the tag 'bio' and probably that's why they think it is ok to sell it for this. Not in my book even though it looks up to the standards of today's so called coffeeshop highgrade. Way too pricy for Eindhoven though. Though they get away with it as they seemingly know about their status and the lack of real competition beside The Pink as many other shops just could be so much more.

Another comeback is their HiaHia(8€/g)every now and then which, when on, is mostly a sure shot as it was in the past. Recently as the last time it tends to be hashish of mixed genetics unlike back in the day when it was classic goodness but these are signs of times and you can't have it all.
Last time I had it not long ago it was indeed a tasty 'Gerdalla'(sp)with a nice body stoned and a decent up-high, nice enough value.
Their Royal changes more often as a couple of months back it was something completely dfferent as a black not too sticky cream(10€/g then) with stony effects on the more stronger side while it mostly is a brownish pollen with relatively strong body effects and a nice enough high.
Noticed prices seem to indeed depend on quality as it ranges from 10-13€/g which is an example a lot of coffeeshops should follow.
Still they serve Super Pollen(7€)and since a while also Critical for 9€/g which I never even looked at as so sick of it, especially for such a price since other shops offer it cheaper as it is just all over the place. Don't get me wrong if I get it offered at home it is something else as still quite a solid smoke but with a choice I'm good thanks.
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