Brussels & Rotterdam

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Brussels & Rotterdam

Post by glock23 » Sat 3rd Feb 2018 02:01 pm

Was just in Brussels for a week; smelled good skunk on the street my first day, but couldn't find the source (I later realized kids were smoking spliffs in the metro tunnels between platforms)!

Got some good Moroccan hash in Molenbeek. I can blend in completely with North Africans so I wouldn't advise just anyone to wander into Molenbeek looking for hash. I got a little ripped off; around 1.4g for 20 Euro, but some of the best Moroccan I've ever had. I was glad just to get something!

Rotterdam was interesting. Not many tourists around. Tried two coffeeshops; Bellamy and Mon Camarade. Tried Moroccan from both and Candy Kush and some kind of Haze from Mon Camarade. The Haze was better, but both weeds were a little lacking in flavor and effect for 10. The Hiya-Ketama hash for 8 Euro wasn't bad, but not as good as the better hash I got in Brussels or the 10 Euro stuff at Bellamy. I also got isolator hash at Bellamy but felt the effects were mild for the price. My tolerance seems to be much higher recently!

Rotterdam is a nice city and a cheap alternative to Amsterdam. Would have liked to have tried more coffeeshops but I had other commitments while in Rotterdam. I'll definitely make it back to both cities again as I had a blast drinking good ales and eating well in both cities, and they are a good deal cheaper than Amsterdam! All three cities are within a three-hour bus journey of each other (Rotterdam in the middle at 1.5 hours from both). I wish I was still over there!

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Re: Brussels & Rotterdam

Post by Papi » Sun 4th Feb 2018 04:34 pm

glock23 wrote:
Sat 3rd Feb 2018 02:01 pm

Got some good Moroccan hash in Molenbeek.

Holy fuck dude, glad you made it home alive.
Edibles on a plane is my middle fucking name

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