Out of my mind @ 420

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Out of my mind @ 420

Post by Devore » Mon 30th Apr 2018 10:19 am

So where do you start on a Trip report for 420?

Well for me it was the first time in 6 months I'd had any MJ (BOOM). Long story why but I tell you this - I saved a lot of money on this trip compared to last August!!

Friday 420

Woke up super early for my 6am flight, more excited than a kid at Christmas. Get to the airport and order a large coffee and a ton of sugar. I knew I would need to have high sugar levels today and boy was I right. Flight was slightly delayed which was super annoying but the rest went without a hitch and next thing I know I'm coming out of Centraal Station in the baking sun!!


So I can't check in for a bit and I read on the forum that CC, Ed the Head, DrugsBunny, Macky and RoMoney were in Utopia.So I stroll on down towards the crew. I then see Resin and remember I wanted to try their Cheese Hash. I buy a couple of G's and head on down to Utopia to meet the crew and have my first smoke of the trip.


I get to Utopia and head straight for the BT. I look at a few of there Sativas and decide that the Citral looks and smells the best fo I buy a G of that. Drugsbunny then comes over and asks me if I am Devore, I say yes and he then introduces me to the rest of the ACD crew. Macky kindly gives me an ACD badge and RoMoney hands over one of this cool stickers.

I've been chatting on the forum a lot with the CC, RoMoney and Ed the Head so it was great to finally meet them. They are all as nice as I thought. Mrs CC btw is a rolling machine. She rolls the fastest best looking joints!! Had a nice chat and caught up with what was good in the Dam.

So this is where it got a bit mental...

I filled up my pipe with a chunk of the Citral, lit and inhaled. Now I know this isn't a super strong weed but after such a hiatus it hit me like a truck!!What didn't help was the sun beaming through the front window onto me getting me into a lather. I was blasted off one pipe full. I openly admit I was then starting to panic a bit, everyone was being super nice and making me feel OK but I didn't know where the hell I was lol.

The sun was too much however and was sending me over the edge. I still had my bag on me and I knew I still had to find my apartment. I got a chunk of the cheese hash and had a small amount to take the edge off the Sativa high I was on. Once settled I then decided to go check in and drop off the bag. I said my goodbyes and hit the street!

On the way I stop off at AH and get some Red bulls for the day ahead and mosey on down to Leidsplien where my AirBNB was located. Dude was super nice and my room was awesome. Decent sized soft beds and a lovely balcony. He said if it rains and I want to smoke inside then point the big fan in the corner towards the window and go for it. 420 dude!!

I sit and chill for half an hour and try another bowl of the Citral. Now I know this hit me like a truck but the second smoke not so much and I wasn't particularly fond of it in the end.

What to do next? I put on my shorts empty my bag of heavies and head out into Mokum.

First stop is Easy Times.

I have never been here before and TBH it was full of teenage Brits being really annoying so I decide a Buy and Fly is in order. I buy a G of Gorilla Glue #4 for 16 E/G (jebus!!) and a Kush preroll 6 E/G (my notes say this was some sort of daily special price).

Time to hit the canals. I open up my phone and look at my list of places I wanted to visit. As I was round the corner from Azarius I pop in and look at their vapes. Was close to buying a reconditioned Pax 2 for 110 euro but decided against.

I then spark up the Kush joint - this was a very nice smoke, very fresh tasting and a really good chilled out stone. My feet no longer hurt! Some pictures from the beautiful city we all love:




Next stop Paradox. Everyone says their cake is the best in the dam so I head on up there to buy me some. I also buy a gram of Thai outdoor which was super cheap and didn't look too bad! I wanted to buy their cheese weed but they had just run out :( I make a note to call back later in the week.

Baked and starving at this point so I head into AH and buy a couple of sandwiches and drinks so I can have a nice picnic in the park. I walk on down to Vondelpark and find a nice place to sit and chill. I eat one of the butties and then consume the space cake. Amsterdam really is beautiful when the sun is out and boy was there a lot of fine dutch women around!!

I hold off on the smoking for a while just in case this cake sends me over the edge. Once it eventually kicks in its a super high and I no longer have any cares in the world. I eat the rest of my grub and a couple of dudes from Liverpool sit down near to me and share a few spliffs among themselves, dam that smells good so I shout over and ask what it is and they come over and join me, it was Lemon Bubble and it was divine. We chat and banter a bit and then mother nature decides I need to pee. Its then I realize I can't stand up. Seriously I try a couple of times but my legs no longer work. The scousers are pissing themselves watching me get up, so much so I collapse into a heap and start uncontrollably giggling myself. Eventually, with help I get up. Say my goodbyes and stagger back to Leidsplein for a beer and a pee.

It's at this point my alarm in my phone goes off to say 420 is 5 minutes away. I am so blasted I know I won't be able to make it to the T&T at the 420 Cafe so I decide to nip round to the Bulldog for a celebratory smoke. I'm so mashed at this point I need a nap! I pick up some pastries and beverages and head back to my room. I lay down fire up some Netflix and I am out for the count.

Next thing I know its 2am and I am now wide awake. What to do? I fill up one of the cone papers with the GG and go out for a nighttime walk. I love doing this, so many interesting people out and about at this time of night. The Gorilla Glue was definitely worth the price tag, I was so blasted on this joint I floated around the streets for a few hours. I went back to my room and once more drifted off into a deep relaxing sleep.

Good start to my adventure in Mokum and I was super pumped for tomorrows Het ballonnetje

More to follow....

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Re: Out of my mind @ 420

Post by Junglist Movement » Mon 30th Apr 2018 12:23 pm

Ha! Eventful first day so!! :mrgreen: I love that first smoke after a tollerance break! I took a week off the smoke once and was lucky enough to buy a fairly potent bag of citrus og upon my return to smoking. I was watching something funny and ended up laughing so hard my entire core was fucked for a few days after! One of those I' can't breath and mild panic is beginning to set in' moments!

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Re: Out of my mind @ 420

Post by Devore » Mon 30th Apr 2018 02:06 pm


I tell ya mate it hit me like a truck!!

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Re: Out of my mind @ 420

Post by Willjay » Mon 30th Apr 2018 02:58 pm

Nice :mrgreen: hit buy a truck, lost in the sun, space cakes in the park, and late for a very important date :lol: welcome to wonderland 8) :mrgreen:

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Re: Out of my mind @ 420

Post by Devore » Mon 30th Apr 2018 03:23 pm

Willjay wrote:
Mon 30th Apr 2018 02:58 pm
Nice :mrgreen: hit buy a truck, lost in the sun, space cakes in the park, and late for a very important date :lol: welcome to wonderland 8) :mrgreen:
Wait until you hear about day 2!!!

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Re: Out of my mind @ 420

Post by EasilySuede » Tue 1st May 2018 12:23 am

cheers for the write-up and fair-weather pics.
when hitting AH up for caffeine, one of my frequent (and cheap) options is this-
https://www.ah.nl/producten/product/wi1 ... e-espresso
-for enough energy to get out of bed first thing in the morning.
hot tap water works well enough for that use. buy some cream and sugar
while you're at it. these items are nice to have if you're eating a space
cake in the room.

coming from the west coast/US (9hr time diff) i'm very familiar with those
middle of the night strolls around town. :) at least 'til i acclimate.

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Re: Out of my mind @ 420

Post by LLMReb » Tue 1st May 2018 04:18 am

Bwahahaaa - Devore, that story is great! Thanks for sharing.

Last year, as soon as we arrived, I bought some outdoor bio and that Laila hash that was so popular and making the rounds. I smoked canal side, then next thing i know, i’m waking up.

Wife and baby are asleep, and I’m puzzled b/c the baby bed is fully set up. I wake up the wife and ask if she set up the bed. Nope. Then I’m pissed thinking the landlord (Air B&B) came in and set up the bed. Wife starts laughing and explains i made the God-awefullest racket coming in after smoking and set up the bed.

No recollection.

That first smoke in AMS really hits me like a truck, too!

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Re: Out of my mind @ 420

Post by OneHighMofo » Tue 1st May 2018 10:21 am

Oh man! I had a feeling something like that might happen - I’ve been there myself once or twice back in the day.

Sound like you managed to keep it together and have a good day regardless of the shaky start?
Good to meet you very briefly at the Balloon on your second day - although I didn’t even introduce myself properly, I was the tall slightly overweight lunatic that said hello on his way out with kenshiro-san.

Thanks for the write up mate - looking forward to day 2!

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Re: Out of my mind @ 420

Post by KeyMonCha » Tue 1st May 2018 02:38 pm

Excellent work Mr Devore... I love a good, photo heavy TR... I was in the same boat as you last year... No tolerance whatsoever... My photos also have a slight tilt to them that only increased throughout the trip....

...I wonder why?! :mrgreen: :lol: 8)

Thanks & Keep 'em coming! :D

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Re: Out of my mind @ 420

Post by Smokeybee21 » Thu 3rd May 2018 05:26 pm

Nice write-up mate, excited for day 2!
Next trip: 23-26 Oct. 2018 with the mrs.

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Re: Out of my mind @ 420

Post by oldhabits » Thu 3rd May 2018 06:23 pm

envious it was freezing when i was over, beautiful place to walk about on a nice sunny day
I also really liked the lemon bubble nice mellow smoke

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