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CC in Spain

Posted: Tue 13th Aug 2019 06:55 am
by CopenhagenCouple
So, we're in BCN and it's fucking amazing... :mrgreen:

Will try us a little live reporting, but as usual this will probably be mostly good intentions. :lol:

We landed after a predictable 1 hour delay and after a little wait for the luggage we hopped in a taxi for the hotel. A little over 15 mins and 30 e later we arrived at the hotel just off of the Rambla, 2 mins walk from the Boqeria market.

Ligthning check-in and we're off towards BY which we make it to in about 20 mins on foot. Lovely city to walk about in BTW, although a little hot :lol:

Re: CC in Spain

Posted: Tue 13th Aug 2019 07:17 am
by CopenhagenCouple
Sign up at BY was a breeze, Patrick (staff member) tried to scroll the screen shot of msg from club to find more info (which ofc didn't work), but as soon as he saw our full names and, probably more important, who the original conversation was with, we were welcomed with open arms.

BY deserves a proper review, there isn't time for it now so let's just say that we are very happy campers there, fantastic place with great staff and killer stuff on the menu.

Can't exactly remember quantities and pretty sure a purchase or two is missing, but got:
Beldia hash
Tangie Hash
Chemdog hash
Tangielope (!!!!)
Rock Bud
Lean Back rosin infused syrup

After a quite heavy sesh we excused ourselves and headed back towards the old part of town, having spotted Ølgod on our way to BY (because it was close to Tree of Life heads hop, which we went by en route to BY). Sitting at that great place drinking great craft beers from UK, DK was a bit odd, as besides the loud chatter in Spanish and catalan we could as well have been sitting at one of our regular beer spots in CPH, and not just because 9f the Danish name of the place either.

A couple of very fine (and predictably very high abv) craft IPAs from such masters as Gamma, Northern Monk and Flying couch, we were desperately in need of some food, having just had scraps during the day.

Our craft brewing brother, the Polish emperor of the bong, has set us up for this trip better than you could ever imaginable, including supplying us with Google maps with some of his favorite places for food and drink around town that he knows well like and chatting to our mano, he suggests A Tu Bola, which he says is "on my map". This turns out to be literally next door, so we pop in for some great "gourmet street food", opting for the Lebanese beef and Asian chicken double pitas. Food here is great, cheap and they have a nice selection of beverages, including micro brew / "craft" beer, but pro tio: go for the "Plato" (plate) and not Pita option, as the pita quickly desolves into a big mess :lol:

Rwt if the night was spent strolling around El raval, finding spots to skinn up and toke, a visit back to Ølgod and a nice time in the balcony schmoking, vaping, drinking a few more craft beers that we liberated from Ølgod and facetiming our friend in Poland (who was happily bonging away).

First night in BCN, awesome...

Re: CC in Spain

Posted: Tue 13th Aug 2019 07:28 am
by CopenhagenCouple
Day 2, first full day in Barna...

Our video convo with our friend ended at half past midnight, and we probably squeezed in another small hour after that before crashing, so when I (Mr. Cc) wake up at half past 4 it's probably the jetlag from last week's Sea trip that isnl still messing a bit with me... Well, after a quick hop on the can it's joints on the balcony watching the city awaken, then back to bed for another hour and a half with the missus and I was as fresh and giddy for the day as I could be.

So one more joint on the balcony, anfld it's off to find some morning delights. LA Boqeria market is literally around the corner, so grab some fresh juices there, some mini-pastries from a bakery and some awesome Caffè con Leche from the spot on the corner, before heading back up for a really nice morning with the missus.

Joints, capes, showers and such later and we're off for a trip to the market (missus hadn't seen it yet) a wander around the Gothic quarter and a hike to BY by way of Sant Antoni market for a little snack to go (Jamon and cheese).

Re: CC in Spain

Posted: Tue 13th Aug 2019 09:00 am
by OneHighMofo
Have fun you two 👍

Re: CC in Spain

Posted: Tue 13th Aug 2019 09:03 am
by CopenhagenCouple
At BY we dig right in, get some beverages and IIRC some Black Garlic (sparkly, tasty, potent, delish), Banana split hash (great, but not as good as the Tangie which was same price), Lemon Skunk hash (nice at the price which was 8 IIRC, strong flavor from parent plant and nice stoney potency) plus something else I forget...

After a nice sesh, and some fun time with the awesome dogs, we head out for the new Terps location. We make almost straight r there, but as the missus pockets the phone a block before the address and we confidently walk uphill thinking we got it, we do miss our turn andbget a little too far,, having to trek half a block back downhill to the spot.

At the new / temporary (???!!?!!) spot for Terps there's close to 1,3 million Spanish and especially Italian peeps lining up to register. We make it to the glasswall counter thingy, but encounter a bit of a challenge as the staff aren't happy about and initially turn down the screen shot of the invite from Terps army Insta account. As we don't have a canna related Instagram account and it was our polish brother who srt us up, we can't deliver on their demands to see the full conversation with terps and we have to explain the exact circumstances a few times. We ask for Mr. Terps himself as he would clear up the situation in a sec., but they explain that he isn't there and that they can't reach him (thinking can't is won't at this time). They eventually get the name of our polish friend to run him through their database to check if he is a member, maybe thinking twice about their somewhat hard stance in the case that our story actually checks out. While all this is going on we are chatting with our friend, who takes about 3 minutes to sort things out and a little behind the scene actions means the staff is suddenly a lot more forthcoming.

For some reason it still takes what seems like for ever to get the missus registered, no problems just 25 mins of processing time in nasty heat with the remaining half million peeps lining up still there to hustle you around... We finally get in and settle at a big table for a fatty before checking out the menu.

Re: CC in Spain

Posted: Wed 14th Aug 2019 09:00 am
by RoMoney
Sounds like a fun time, glad you are enjoying all that Barca has to offer!

Re: CC in Spain

Posted: Wed 14th Aug 2019 11:17 am
by KeyMonCha
CopenhagenCouple wrote: Tue 13th Aug 2019 07:28 am Well, after a quick hop on the can it's joints on the balcony watching the city awaken, then back to bed for another hour and a half with the missus and I was as fresh and giddy for the day as I could be.
I really don't care if i read this wrong or not, but you sir, are my hero! :lol: :lol: 8)