24.09.-30.09.2019 - The yearly visit to AMS & Surroundings.

Planning a trip to the Netherlands? Post the details here.
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24.09.-30.09.2019 - The yearly visit to AMS & Surroundings.

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I wasn't able to do my usual trip in spring, normally around my Birthday in March, so i took some vacation days @ the end of september - and will visit AMS with my best friend. It will be my 22nd visit to the wonderful dutch capital - beside that, this city will always be in the Top 5 of the citys i love most, even worldwide.
Not only because of the Green Green Stuff - there are so much other reasons: For example nearest beach from where i live, lovely food, awesome people, always something on for a Electronic-Music-Guy like me and so on...

I hope there will be some new menu's up @ Coffeeshop-Menu.org - so it's possible to plan some sureshot-visits ;)

Of course i will try to get some Menu-Pictures when i'm there as well...

Peace out & stay high.

Greets! :mrgreen:

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