What would you do?

Planning a trip to the Netherlands? Post the details here.
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Vinnie Vegas
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What would you do?

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Just a few things we may or may not do along with the Cannabis scene. Did I forget anything? What would you do if you had a week in the Netherlands? The only thing that is super important is renting an electric boat to cruise the canals. I vaguely saw a place and I think they were charging 50 Euro an hour. Please give suggestions! Also sorry about spelling :? Edit: When I say Netherlands I mean no more than 90 minute train rides from Amsterdam CS.

1. Anne Frank House
2. Leidseplein Nightlife
3. Van Gogh Museum
4. Rikj Museum
5. Vondel Park
6. Rent a small boat for 2 people (Suggestions please)
7. The Hague (Madurodam)
8. Efelting
9. Haarlem
10. Albert Cuyp Market
11. Heineken Brewery
12. Arcade somewhere???
13. Muderslot Castle or similar? I just saw one recently but cant remember the name of that one.
14. Zaan Schanse

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Re: What would you do?

Post by macky »

Your list is long good luck :D ..arcade Spirit CS is full of pinball ,pool table etc.
Rikj is the best of the bunch..go rookies CS first to get stoned ,it,s close to Rikj
Better buy and fly and stop vondel park for smoke ..kill two birds......... :mrgreen:
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Re: What would you do?

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Sky swing shroomed to your eyeballs maybe, all night e-scooter tear up taking in the sights, great architecture for night shots, smokeboat for your boat not the tourist shit. Enjoy I do.
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Re: What would you do?

Post by Willjay »

Get a “tourist” card to cover the museums, go to the Ann Frank in the afternoon to avoid the lines of day trippers been to Castle you speak of, mostly geared towards a younger crowd, a train and a bus to get there, been a long time since we were there, but remember having a beer in a old windmill
Have fun with whatever you do :mrgreen: 8)
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