Barcelona 22nd - 26th October

Planning a trip to the Netherlands? Post the details here.
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Barcelona 22nd - 26th October

Post by Rudiger »

Heading over to Bcn for the third time this year. Might get a forth trip in around Christmas if I can. :lol:
Not a solo trip for me this time. Heading over with a few friends to see The Pixies with on the 23rd.

Besides that I plan to head straight to the backyard and get my dab on. :D Messaged 1up Club and got a response so hopefully will have another review for the forum when I get back.

Also known as Smouldering_Shamrock on intsa ;-)
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Re: Barcelona 22nd - 26th October

Post by RoMoney »

Excellent, enjoy man! Looking forward to a write up on 1up BCN.
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Re: Barcelona 22nd - 26th October

Post by Rabambuli »

I would love to read a review about 1up. Had the chance to become a member there but already had 3 clubs that i preferred.

Enjoy Barcelona!
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