How long until...

Planning a trip to the Netherlands? Post the details here.
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How long until...

Post by Boner »

...your next trip?

I have 32 days to wait...

(I can see this thread slowing time & space. ;) )

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Post by Twitch »

As you know I arrive in one month.
April 17th here I come.
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Post by liquidSwords »

Just about as long as Mr Boner and Sir Twitch..... I prefer to say "only next month until my next trip" (as it sounds closer when you say it like that). I arriving mid morning on the 18th of April....
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Post by AzLaker »

Bright and early April month to go. :D

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Re: How long until...

Post by Kermit »

Boner wrote:...your next trip?

I have 32 days to wait...

(I can see this thread slowing time & space. ;) )
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Post by Kingdoc »

To long,November as it happens :(.
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Post by geoffk »

It's gonna be like years for me, short of a miracle. Too much going on at home.
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Post by TwoCanucks »

93 days... june 18th. sigh. seems like forever and a day from now.

Amsterdam dreaming.............
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Post by Clayman »

16 days till my first proper amsterdam trip. :shock:
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Post by WolfDangler »

Less than a Month!
27 days and a wake up.
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Post by Rusty Shackleford »

20 days and counting for me :D
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Post by chilly1952 »

Had a 9 hour layover yesterday and a 7 hour layover Friday. Plenty of time to do some CS damage.
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Post by Colin Kill You »

100 days exactly. excited for tomorrow to only be in double digits :)
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Post by Ghost »

13 days and counting, tick tock.
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Post by schererbuzz »

52 hours until I board the plane.
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