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Post by Lemming » Fri 8th Jul 2005 07:03 pm

There are lots of hotels in Amsterdam, mostly in the centre and the south. The ones in the centre are convenient but over-priced especially at the weekends. The easiest way to find out what's available and to get the best rates is to use an agency. I always use the Bookings agency linked on the site. Their website works really well, there are maps to show where the places are and you pay nothing until you get there. They are particularly good for finding bargains in higher-grade hotels. Check 'em out here:
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Bookings website.

Post by RADAR » Mon 18th Jul 2005 08:52 pm

I have to agree with you Lemming. The website is the nuts. I have booked an apartment through them for a week in september that is near Chocolata. It is cheaper than most of the hotel rooms, with shared facilities, that I was able to find in the Centrum for the same time period.
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how much is ur room radar

Post by bat29 » Fri 2nd Dec 2005 06:44 am

hello again radar how much have u paid for ur room cause im going to have a look..........for the next week

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Post by Epsilon » Mon 25th May 2009 04:58 pm

Have used the ACD hotel link for a couple bookings in the last day or so . There ARE some bargains to be found in the Netherlands this year . (We booked for Delft and Zutphen - 4 star in Zutphen : 59 euro / night for 2 )
Hopefully this helps Lem / the site ...

Edit - June 25 - Was browsing thru our hotels for upcoming trip on THIS SITES hotel engine and found same hotel (Eden Zutphen) for 20 Euro / night less than we reserved in May .Which at the time I thought was a good price ...Sorry Lem if you lose a quid or two there. Had to cancel the old and make a new ...Some bargains to be found out in the provinces this summer .

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