Cheap Hotel/Private Room Hostel for 3?

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Cheap Hotel/Private Room Hostel for 3?

Post by PurpleLean » Thu 12th Jan 2017 06:08 pm

Hey guys... got a place booked for april 18th-april 21st however I can cancel whenever. Just wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for places to stay for me and 2 friends? Preferably smoking but not essential for around 350 Euro for the three nights? Thanks

Also the hotel I have booked is hotel van onna is this considered a good hotel?

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Re: Cheap Hotel/Private Room Hostel for 3?

Post by ed the head » Sat 28th Jan 2017 07:41 pm

My go to hostel is the Bulldog. It should be right in your budget at E30-35 a night per person. I believe their smallest dorm room is 4 people so you would be in a larger room with others. There is no smoking in the room, but smoking just about everywhere else in the hotel. If you can deal with those two conditions it's a great option. Great lounge bar, great staff, central location.
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