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Re: Amsterdam Cribs

Post by ynwa » Wed 18th Feb 2015 09:43 pm

How did you all book these apartments? Was going to book one last night but noticed the payment page wasn't secure so wasnt happy to put my credit card details in.

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Re: Amsterdam Cribs

Post by samadora » Fri 20th Feb 2015 11:48 am

With you enter your card details but you pay in cash on arrival. They only take your card details to confirm your stay and of course, take the first day's payment should you not comply with their cancellation policy (aka not bother turning up). Power plant room is pretty awesome.

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Re: Amsterdam Cribs

Post by aVeryOldLady » Wed 15th Jun 2016 08:38 pm

We stayed with them in March and I was quite happy with them.
There is some law regarding b&b's that states more than a certain amount of people per night (I don't remember the exact amount) cannot be booked to the same address (where you live). So 2 of us had to book the cribs as we had the White Widow (2 people) and the Power Plant (4 people).
You have to pay a certain deposit before you arrive, and the rest cash upon arrival.

You call them when you arrive in Amsterdam and they tell you when you can check-in. We stored our luggage at the train station so we could take off for an early coffee shop crawl. Upon arrival we were welcomed by a woman (don't remember her name), but the rooms weren't ready. So she took us upstairs where we chilled in the living room of the Power Plant crib while she finished preparing everything and giving us an introduction to the house rules and to the area and coffeeshops, which seemed endless (in our condition :roll: ). But never the less she was really nice. She didn't seem to come around a lot though, she told us about weed and what strains are good. She recommended 'all the hazes and all the kushes' which basically describes the genetic backbone of 90% of the strains. But never mind, I already had a well researchsd plan in mind, so I didn't pay too much attention :D
The good thing is that you can smoke in the living rooms, the bed rooms, even in the bath tub and nobody will mind.
There is no such thing as a reception, so you can just use your keys to enter the building and your crib. (beware the crazy dutch stairs, to which you get used after a couple times of using them) When you arrive they tell you when the check-out on the last days is and when they will meet you in your room. You can then leave the luggage in the area behind the front door of the building until your departure (if you are willing to risk leaving it there unlocked).
Overall a really nice experience, especially because smoking rooms are so rare to find these days.


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