Stealing strains

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Stealing strains

Post by macky » Sat 27th Apr 2019 04:56 pm

How easy is it? Very easy ,for last few years my commercial grower friends use fem . Seed only.
For years we keeped a mother alive all year long . This is outdoor grows corn mostly, I,ve pulled back after a close call with drones,police foot chase and 350 plants.
So for last couple bubba Kush was used to great effect .Take a female cutting ,make male .
My friend uses bar silver in distilled water with electric current ,after water turns colour whitch he has perfected he then sprays cutting every day.
Last year I gave him mango sapphire and pineapple skunk cuttings from Humboldt seeds .
He used his bubba pollen he made to pollen the cuttings I gave him. A few months back I started a dozen mango,s they all looked a like and grew figuresly. After weeding down to 5 ,I took cuttings then threw them into bud.
Now 7 weeks in bud you can see different Pheno e.g. some have colour hue and some don,t. One is a real winner .
So now you take that cutting make one a male and bud a room full of same cutting and you will have the pheno locked and ready for market.
So you cross different seeds ,come up with your own hybrid use it to make males . Then take every body else’s stains cross with yours bingo bango your a seed bank

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