Urban Remo Brand Nutrients Coming Soon.........

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Urban Remo Brand Nutrients Coming Soon.........

Post by CloudMaster » Sun 18th Jan 2015 10:44 am

Remo's Wharehouse 2015

Published on Jan 17, 2015 - Bubbleman's World Youtube Channel
"Remo takes us for a sneak peak at his latest project he's got going, and its a doozy. Beautiful office space, wharehouse space, and production space for manufacturing his newest line of Nutrients.. Enjoy"

For more information see website (under development): http://www.remonutrients.com/

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Re: Urban Remo Brand Nutrients Coming Soon.........

Post by Weedus » Mon 2nd Mar 2015 02:05 am

I dont trust Weed-Celebrity Products...
I dont want to pay extra to see Remos bearded Face on my Bottles ;)

I use Hesi and i figured out a Plan which works for my Soil,my Piots and my Lamp-Power.
Once you figured out such a Plan you realy dont want to change to a other Brand

For 250 Watts/5 Liter Pots
500ml Water each second Day in Vegetation,no Fertilizer but Power Zyme,Root Complex and Super Fit on each second Watering
N-P-K for Vegetation is already in the Soil
In Flowering i reduce Water to 400ml each second Day and i give the whole Dosage of Bloom complex,Power Zyme and Super Fit.I give Root Complex to end of Week 1 Flowering.
In first Week of Flowering i also give Hesi Boost once.
On Day 28 of Flowering i add Phosphour Plus and Hesi Boost to the Fertilizing each second Watering.

Depending on the Soil it gives a slighty too much Nitrogen Problem.
I solve this by a 30% Flush of the Soil before i put the sprouted little Plant in.A 30% Flush is done with the Same amount of Water as the Pot Holds.
So with 9 Week pre fertilized Soil and a 5 Liter Pot i use 5 Liters of slightly warm water (just as hot that its not cold anymore)

When your German or you can get Compo-Sana Soil,i use Compo Sana "Quality Potting Soil" thats their universal Mix.With a 30% Flush and the above noted Fertilizing i have good Results ;)

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Re: Urban Remo Brand Nutrients Coming Soon.........

Post by Mack 10 » Tue 3rd Mar 2015 03:47 am

Nice place.Remo is a top grower. It seems he has left Advanced
To start his own line of products.
Hope his investment pays off, nutrients are a tough business.
Will be interesting to see if he has used his experience from working
At advanced nutrients to put out a decent product for a good price
Or is it about marketing hype?

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