Prostitute's / Sex Magic

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Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by xxxcronicxxx »

3 Ladies Arrested For Raping 124 Men In 11 Days And Collecting Their Sperm ... eir-sperm/

Could this also be happening in Europe ?

By Nick Davies,
I have read a part in that book speaking about the prostitute's in London's Soho, that would have well to do business client's who they would see who didn't want to have sex or even touch the girl's but wanted to drink the sperm out of the used condom's that were left over in the garbage bin from previous client's, and would pay hundreds of pounds to do so :evil:

Do you think that the prostitute's in Amsterdam's red light district would collect and sell their customers sperm ?

Cronic Pimp.

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Re: Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by CannaSir »

How fucking hideous! :evil:

I believe some would collect their client's 'deposits' if they thought they had a lucrative market for them! (barf) :shock: FFS! :lol:
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Re: Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by NW89 »

cronic, my friend, I don't know what you're smoking but hurry up and pass the pipe :D

That would be pretty weird s*** right there. Not saying it doesn't happen (who can?), but bloody hell!
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Re: Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by DjShaggy »

ignoring spellcheck since 1986

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Re: Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by Kermit »

Drinking the spunk is pretty sick but hell what MAN would not want to be raped by 3 birds, hell yeah bring it on, and i will take the drugs aswell. :lol: :lol:

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Re: Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by dconstrukt »

well ...he did say it was in england....

lol j/k

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Re: Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by Wellgo »

should of had a water baloon fight :mrgreen: not be nice in the face tho then again some birds fantasys to have a face full of mayo lol :twisted:

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Re: Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by jefferyarch »

No one question about escort services rate .In escort industry administration are not take
any action charging prices.In market many illegal member or broker are active.

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Re: Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by LionofJudah »

<looks back on entire thread, then to the last reply>

...what the fuck did I just read? :|

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Re: Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by Smith2 »

A bot's impression of the English language. Or the result of something much stronger than I'm smoking.

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Re: Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by TwoCanucks »

Headline is a dream come true for some. :mrgreen:
Amsterdam dreaming.............

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Re: Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by Slip & Sal »

yeah fuck me this shit never happened to me when I was single. Far out I would of said No too, just to make them feel like they were still doing there job. :mrgreen:
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Re: Prostitute's / Sex Magic

Post by Slayerino »

I hate it that people laugh when men say that they are raped. It is a real thing that happens all the time. We are not all walking hormones that are just looking to hook up with someone. Some of us even have real problems with ED and only thing that can help is taking pills. Thankfully they are getting cheaper and cheaper and you can get them on for really good price. I hate that I have to use them, but it is the only way I can perform.

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