How to Survive Through The Thrilling Forgotten Hill Game Series

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How to Survive Through The Thrilling Forgotten Hill Game Series

Post by Reynolds1 » Thu 11th Oct 2018 09:58 am

As one of the most interesting and challenging horror games of all time, the Forgotten Hill game series is quite hard for many people to play, and win. Let’s find out the tips to survive in each chapter of Forgotten Hill series. This is one of the most outstanding free online games for single player - no download and installation required of the horror genre.
Forgotten Hill game series is a classic combination of horror factors and game techniques. These series tell a very odd and scary story in a house in the late 1800s.
With all of those mysterious and attractive features, it is quite challenging to get through all the chapters of this game series. In this writing, you will find a way to help you survive in each part of the Forgotten Hill series.

First Chapter: Forgotten Hill: Fall

Forgotten Hill: Fall - the first chapter

The first chapter of Forgotten Hill series is about the nightmare of Mr.Larson on an autumn night. When travelling to the hill, his car breaks down. Your task will be looking for help in the forest next to Forgotten Hill.
By getting to the house on the hill, he may get some help or discover horrors that he wants to escape. It is quite a hard game that combines the challenges and thrill, and fright may suddenly pop out from any direction.

To escape from this horror safely, here are some tips for you:
Forgotten Hill: you will have to solve puzzles to go deeper into the house aiming for an exit. The character can lose his life upon your wrong determination. Therefore, you have to be careful and concentrate all the way through the game, which is a must for escape games. That also means you have to prepare and get familiar with menace and shivering with fear.

Notice all the things
At the beginning of the game, you can only find the light from your mouse. With that, the task of scanning rooms in the house can be a hard experience. The thing missing in this game is the descriptions for items around the place. You have to guess or reason if the item you're going to pick is the key to the puzzle or not. The wrong choice will make it a waste and may lead you to death.

You should notice the hint

Notice the hint
Hints in this games are obtuse. Even if you are an amateur to this type of game, Forgotten Hill: A Fall is sure a great game for anyone who hopes to play online games on pc a frightening but intelligent game.

Second Chapter: Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer

As the next part of chapter one, the Second Chapter: Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer is about the journey to run away from the horrors in the dreadful house on Forgotten Hill. The goal is to finally get back to your car and come back home. But when you are back to the car, your girlfriend is not there anymore. The second journey is to find your lover following the clues that she left. From those clues, you will find the journey starts inside a horrific Puppet Theatre.

The second chapter of Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer

You might think it is over, but you cannot just walk away. To win this game, you should take some notes before playing to make sure you can get over the game safely.

You have to be strong
Indeed, as a part of a horror game, a fair warning is that this is not for kids. Even adult players should have steady nerves to deal with the awful elements in the journey of finding the way out.

Do not have many surprises
Different from the first chapter, the second chapter only has the appearance of some spiders and bugs. But it contains more blood with the sudden jump scares and likewise. So you need to keep an eye on suspected threats jumping out from anything.

The sound in the game will help
In this chapter, there will be carnival inspired graphics and music played when you are busy with plenty of puzzles. You will want to keep the speakers on for this game as for the very least; you cannot solve the one puzzle without sound.

Third Chapter: Forgotten Hill: Surgery

Forgotten Hill: Surgery - the third chapter

Forgotten Hill: Surgery is the latest chapter of Forgotten Hill series, which will surely surprise you with terror. It offers more fright than the above two chapters. This third chapter challenges players with continuous puzzles connected in complicated ways.
There will be many times that backtracking is required so that you can not only unlock and explore many new areas but also find the keys to solve puzzles. However, to survive in this game, the following is some things you need to remember:

Do not go around
You should notice not to be attracted by the mysterious things in the game and go around to inspect. With just one wrong decision, you can find yourself in trouble and end the game by a horrible fly attack, aggressive leeches, or many other unpleasant ways.

You can resume the game
When you lose the game, you will immediately get back to the menu screen. You can replay the game at the stage before you made the fatal decision. It lets you continue the terror with more consciousness.

What it is required
This game requires your self-control, bravery, and intelligence. You will have to frequently use the mouse to play and drag items to fill puzzles. If you are brave enough to escape this game, the ultimate tip for you to survive is: run and go straight without looking back.

What to notice
You should keep in mind that this game is quite scary and it is not ideal for all people. If you're not good at scares handling, you should carefully consider this game before starting to play.
So do all the above note can keep you survive through the thrilling Forgotten Hill game series? Let’s try it out and find the answer in this one of awesome free games you can play online right now - No download needed.
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