Hey there ACD

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Hey there ACD

Post by Hackman420 » Wed 15th May 2019 09:11 am

Hey there fellow ACDers :D I am a biologist from Berlin, Germany, always looking for something nice to smoke on my travels :wink: I had a profile here before (Hackman without the 420) but it got deactivated because I haven‘t posted for a while... I have been to Amsterdam almost every year for the last 20 years, my favorite shops being Blue Bird, Voyagers, Utopia (when it was still there :( ), Amnesia, Tweede Kamer, and Grey Area.
I am looking forward to meeting y‘all sometime, in the Dam or Barca... Cheers!

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Re: Hey there ACD

Post by RoMoney » Wed 22nd May 2019 07:57 pm

Wilkommen :)

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