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Hi all

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Brief ping pong history

Ping pong is said to be the top of any list of indoor sports in the world's most popular. It is played in almost all countries, regardless of age. It is extremely easy to pick up and requires very little investment in terms of equipment. You can learn it in an afternoon, become good at it for a week, but still take a lifetime to master it. Its unique characteristics have made it among the world's favorite sports.

History of ping pong

The game can be a popular Parlor game in the late 19th century in England. This game starts with the champagne cork and the two cork books pass on a large table (usually a table) divided into two halves of a bookshelf (now net). The original is "whiff-whaff" due to the sound generated from the book during the game.


The growing popularity of this game causes manufacturers to cash in and create dedicated equipment-tables, balls and rackets (which include a thick roll of leather that extends over a wooden frame ). The sound made by the early racquet on the polished game lends its name - 'ping-pong' - and therefore, modern ping pong is born.

Basic ping pong rules

One major factor in the popularity of ping pong is the simplicity of its rules. Some sports, like basketball or cricket, have a myriad of rules dictating how the game should be played.

The ping pong, on the other hand, consists of just hitting a ball on a table with a pair while ensuring that the ball does not crash into the net, and bounces once (and only once) in the opponent's half. table. Not hit the ball in half of the opponents of the court caused a player to lose a point. In the Ping pong start blog, there is a lot of ping pong table, paddle knowledge, let's click here.

The first player to get 11 points wins a game. The game is played either between 2 (single) or 4 (double) players. Of course, at the competitive level, there are some other rules related to services, returns, etc., but a beginner just needs to know the rules above to start playing.

Ping pong equipment

The equipment used to play ping pong only includes a pair of rackets, a plastic ball, and a table separated into two halves by a grid. The racquet and ball are both relatively inexpensive and the table is the only 'expensive' part, although you can buy new boards that are quite cheap.

The racquet or paddles are made of wood and are covered with rubber on one or both sides. The quality and pattern of the rubber are extremely important because it controls the spin and speed of the ball. The ball itself is made of plastic and is 40mm in diameter.


The table on which the game is played must be 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, 30 inches high with a hardboard top, according to ITTF rules, although amateur players usually use smaller boards. The quality of the table affects the game a great deal. Better tables provide more consistent return, rotation and speed.

ONE sport the world

The big ping pong nations are China, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Austria and Sweden. China is the dominant force in sport and has won 60% of the world championship since 1960. Hungary was a dominating force in the first half of the century but has shrunk dramatically in the past few decades. Major tournaments include the Olympics, the world, Asia, and European champions, and World Cup ping-pong.

Changes in the equipment used to play the sport-higher quality paddles, tables and balls-have brought new dimensions to the game and further heightened its approachability. In the years to come, ping pong is sure to increase in popularity around the world.
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