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Post by Cookie12 »

Hello all,
I’ve been lurking on this site for many years.
I’ve been to the city many times but haven’t been able to go for the last 12 years so I am very happy to be heading into town from October 2-11. Looking forward to meeting some of you soon.
Cookie AKA Mrs.Nimrod

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Re: Hello

Post by Nimrod »

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Re: Hello

Post by FlyByNite »

Welcome to the forum.

You have been posted on the October Whos In Town page.

You can see who else may be in town during your stay.

If you don't see yourself, click your refresh or reload button
Your browser sometimes loads pages from your local cache and
you don't get the latest update.

Watch for Toke & Talks, I post them up to the last minute.

Set yourself up with your own T&T or Toke and Talk, where you pick the coffeeshop
(your favorite) and the date and time, I will post it and you wait for folks to
show up, if they do you'll have a T&T. If they don't you still get to enjoy your
favorite coffeeshop!

By default I link your posting to your profile page here on ACD.

I can change it to a web link ( myspace, facebook, personal page )
or an email address if you want.

You can do a little practice shopping on the Coffeeshop Menus page.
Any with arrows are less than six months old.

Any nice new menu pictures you can get will be much appreciated.
Always ask first, better told no than thrown out.

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Re: Hello

Post by OneHighMofo »

Welcome Mrs Nimrod! Have a beautiful return.
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Re: Hello

Post by KeyMonCha »

Welcome, and have a blast!!! ...Same to Mr Nimrod, if he's into that sort of thing!! :D
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Re: Hello

Post by gapie »

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Hello

Post by Willjay »

Hello and Welcome :mrgreen: 8)
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Re: Hello

Post by Ghost »

Howdo :D welcome to the forum, nice to have you on board :D
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