No weed pass in Amsterdam

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Re: No weed pass in Amsterdam

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well i dunno... yes, it sounds good... but its vague as hell... so who knows whats up yet?

until things shake out i'm not holding my breath, but it looks good :-)

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Re: No weed pass in Amsterdam

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Re: No weed pass in Amsterdam

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In case the Dutch Govt. and or Amsterdam City Mayor/Counsel changes course, I have designed and tested (with measured success in southern provinces), a system in which a non citizen/resident will be able to gain access to coffee shops.
Stoners and wanna be's from around the world will still be able to enjoy the forbidden flower in Amsterdam. :D
Availability will be restricted to those over 18*, limited release throughout the year (schedule TBD), and a courtage of 25 Euros per visit
* or local laws and customs

... :mrgreen: is :wink:ing at you...
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