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Post tips here on how to join, how to post pictures, etc.
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Re: First Timer

Post by treetop »

be gentle, it is your first time. Take your time. Take notes. then experiment and widen your horizons till they melt away like the butter on your toast every morning.
Have fun in the sun but be aware and take care the weather be not fair.

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How much did you produce?
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Re: First Timer

Post by Bifton »

There are plenty of good coffeeshops on the outskirts of centrum that are less busy so I would try one of those. Funky Monkey is quite large and generally has seats available to chill as does one of my favourites Utopia.
I agree with TT, take your time and try and pick a few strains to sample. I find that I end up going for the ones that taste or smell the nicest. As an example I tried kosher kush for the first time last night. Nice flavour and almost instant heady high. Will now hunt it down in the dam (should be easy i hope) to compare what I get at home to the dam.
As for smoking outside the shop, well some do allowe it and provide seating others don't. As to would they mind you sitting down having a smoke then wandering off. Personally I wouldn't unless I had bought something there first, but others here might disagree. Probably better for you to buy a little more often than 40g in one shop and then have nowhere to smoke it. As to smoking outside the hotel at night, I do it all the time.
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Re: First Timer

Post by Bocco »

Mostly when you don´t go somewhere very busy or near a lot of children and you don´t cause any nuisance, nobody will mind you smoking ganja outside. I used to smoke a lot in parks or on the grass in front of my apartment. It isn´t strictly legal but I´ve never been stopped. Worst that could happen is they take your weed away. There´s also weed-friendly bars. Also if you're smoking outside it's best to not carry more than 5 grams, because otherwise they might arrest you.
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Re: First Timer

Post by FlyByNite »

Welcome to the forum.

What dates will you be in Amsterdam?
I'll post you on the Whos In Town page.
You can see who else may be in town and any Toke & Talks that are planned.

Any nice new menu pictures you can get will be much appreciated.
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