How do we make donations?

Post tips here on how to join, how to post pictures, etc.
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How do we make donations?

Post by macky »

Glad to see where up and running ,wondering who should get payed? FBN? How to make payment? Len little help thanks great job.

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Re: How do we make donations?

Post by Lemming »

Thanks for the thought.

If you can find a means of getting cash to Slimline then I'm sure he'll be most grateful.

Speaking for myself, I only ask that you click on the advertisers on the main site and, especially, book your hotel through the link there.

FBN may have a donations box. I'll let him post about that. I do know he always appreciates your menu pics.
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Re: How do we make donations?

Post by FlyByNite »

As Lemming said, menu pictures are my passion.

The etiquette of taking pictures in coffeeshops.
Especially menus.

*************** ALWAYS ASK FIRST **************

Most shops will let you take pix to your hearts content, a few don't
even care about videos.

ALWAYS ask first. It's always at the option of the bud tender, so if
one won't let you, go back on another shift and that one might let you.
Be persistant.

Generally, try to keep people out of the background. Some folks don't
want it known that they frequent Amsterdam coffeeshops, I do and I'm
proud but I'm not everybody. Menu pix are short range and don't have
much if any background.

Almost as an afterthought but of primary importance.

Remember, really stoned people don't like flashes of bright light
and most of the folks there are pretty stoned.

Don't use your flash if at all possible. Most digital cameras
will work in pretty low light and software can lighten it up later.

Often the bud tender will move a menu to better light or let you
take it to better light, say to a window with light streaming in.

And email them to . Be sure to mention
date, shop,and how you want it credited. I will post them and credit you or
whomever you designate.

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