Vegan Issues:/

Restaurants and takeaways.
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Re: Vegan Issues:/

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If it were me....I'd just get her a big juicy steak! :lol:
Sorry, I just had to.

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Re: Vegan Issues:/

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as a vegetarian for over 50 years and with a mate who is a pescatarian - you are really missing out not going to some of the wonderful restaurants that prepare meat, fish or vegatrian meals. There are so many exceptional restaurants!! here's one:
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Re: Vegan Issues:/

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cantona7 wrote: Tue 28th Jan 2020 01:39 am can you even get meatless sushi?(serious question).
Pretty sure that meanwhile 99,99% of Sushi Bars offer also veggie sushi (e.g. w/ avocado, tamagoyaki (jap. omlette), cucumber, spring onion, pumpkin, tofu)... :wave:
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Re: Vegan Issues:/

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Pierre wrote: Sun 26th Jan 2020 01:22 am Hello fellas
Don’t ask me why, I don’t have a good answers.
My wife..she’s a super super vegan women.
It’s not enough for her to find vegan meals in regular restaurants.
She wants EVERYTHING vegan/vegeterian
(she’s ok with eggs, cheese or

Do you know any pizzas/sushi in the dam who don’t sell meat/seafood at all?

Thanks..feel sorry for me🙏🏻
there are loads of vegan places, think about down loading the happy cow app for your phone, that will tell you all the places that sell vegan food we went to Deer mama they do burgers , cakes and vegan White Russians ...
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